In the end, this is what it’s all about. In this section, you’ll find an overview of all your webinars. From here, you can start creating a new webinar. And once you gathered some momentum, there’s a possibility you lose the overview a little bit. Luckily,..

My account

To go to your account settings, click on "Account" > "My Account". Account details..


Be aware! You can only create departments with an advanced subscription. Head over to our pricing page for more details. Add departments in your account to create a clear overview for yo..

Extra users

It differs for each package if you can add extra users, please check out our pricing page for more details. Add extra users so they can use their own login to get into the WebinarGeek account. ..

Verify personal email

Emails that are sent from WebinarGeek will use the WebinarGeek sender email by default. But obviously, you’d prefer to use your own email using your own domain name. In this article we’ll explain how to configure this. ..


Easily connect WebinarGeek to the marketing tools you’re already using. Next, automate the processes that usually take up a lot of your time. This gives you more time to focus on your webinars. WebinarGeek offers a range of integration options. For example..


To manage your WebinarGeek subscription, click on "Account" and choose "Subscription". ..

Affiliate program

To participate in the affiliate program, you need to be the owner of a WebinarGeek account with an active subscription. Don’t have a free trial account yet? Click here to create one. ..


In the top right, click on "Account" > "My account" > "Invoices", under “Administration”. Here you’ll be able to find your invoices, these can be found here after payment. ..

Privacy & security

Set another email for your invoices under 'Account' > 'My account'. Two-step verification login In the top right, click on 'Account' > 'My account' > 'Two-step login', under 'Privacy & Sa..

Paid webinars

In the top right, click on 'Account' > 'My account' > 'Settings', under 'PAID WEBINARS'. Here you can connect your Mollie account, after you’ve connected your Mollie account you can select your website profile Don’t own a Mo..

Most recent updates

In the top right, click on 'Account' > 'Most recent updates', here’s you’ll see the newest features and updates, straight from the WebinarGeek HQ. Our goal is to add new features early and often, so we can get your valuable feedback and improve the feature..


WebinarGeek automatically detects the correct timezones for the registration page and channel visitors! Timezones can be confusing sometimes, both for the presenter and the visitors. Especially when it won’t be automatically converted on the registration p..

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