Automated webinars

Create an automated webinar

With WebinarGeek it’s possible to broadcast automated webinars. An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that’s broadcasted as if it were live, Yes, you read that right, as if it were live. Attendees will experience a live webinar, while in reality t..

Set broadcast schedule

For automated webinars, it’s possible to set a broadcast schedule. The broadcast schedule is a combination of individual and recurring broadcasts. For example, you can plan a broadcast specifically for the 26th of May at 6:30PM, and make sure every friday ..

Yesterday’s replay

For an automated webinar, it’s possible to allow people to register and watch yesterday’s replay. This option will only be available when you configure a broadcast schedule. ..

Add recording for automated webinar

When creating/editing your webinar you can add a recording near the heading "Webinar". You can do this later as well, before the webinar is actually broadcasted you can make sure the recording has been added. For the recording, you have several options:..

Chat and question box during automated webinar

During the automated webinar you have the option to allow viewers to ask questions using the live chat, or give the option to send in questions using a question box. The live chat is a useful option when you have the opportunity to join an automated webina..

Schedule interactions (for automated webinars)

For automated and on demand webinars, it’s possible to plan interactions beforehand, because it’s not a live webinar.  Prefer to use a live webinar recording? These interactions will be used in the automated webinar at the same moments you’ve used them dur..

Replay automated webinar

For the viewers that missed the automated webinar, but did register for it, there’s the option to watch the replay of the webinar. You can choose to release this (or keep it for yourself). You can set this beforehand during the creation of the webinar, ..

Statistics automated webinar

When you click on "Statistics" in your webinar dashboard you can retrieve the statistics of the automated webinar. These are almost always equal to those of live webinars, with the exception of: ..

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