Create a channel

At the top of the main menu, click on "Channel" and choose “Create your own channel”. Set your “Page title” and “Page description”. Next, select in which lan..

Channel options

A channel is a page where your target audience can find a list of all your webinars. It’s a way to give your audience a good overview of what you have to offer. They have the option to register for webinars and webinar updates. ..

Channel embed

By embedding your channel, visitors of your website/blog will directly get an overview of all your webinars, without having to leave your website/blog. The only thing you’ll need to do is copy and paste a piece of HTML-code on your website/blog! ..

Channel statistics

In the main menu, choose “Channel” and click on “Statistics”. Here you’ll find the number of visitors and the channel leads, visitors that applied for updates. At the bottom, you’ll find the number of subscribers to your channel and some “Visitor informati..

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