System requirements co-presenter

Co-presenting requires a lot of your connection and computer power, the audio and video of all presenters are streamed through the computer of the main presenter. Make sure that you always have a test viewer at a dry run with co-presenters who can watch th..

Add co-presenter

It’s possible to invite 2 co-presenters to your webinar, these presenters can participate from another location. Just one of the hosts will be visible, but all presenters are audible during the live webinar. So it is possible to hold your webinar from 3 different lo..

Invite co-presenter

Once you have added a co-presenter, you can send the invitation. When the co-presenter lost the invitation you can send the invitation again or send the links yourself. Resend invitation Click on your..

Establish a connection

As soon as you added the co-presenter(s), you have the ability to host the webinar together. You’ll be audible at the same time, but only a single host will be visible at any given moment. The main presenter determines who is on screen, by clicking underne..

What can a co-presenter do?

A co-presenter can do everything the main presenter can do except start and stop the webinar and determines which presenter will be visible. The main presenter can only do this. The co-presenter is always able to manage the chat and start interactions. The..

Troubleshooting co-presentor

First of all, it is important for all presenters to meet the system requirements. Check the system requirement per presenter! Here are a few scenarios that can occur with some tips: 1. The co..

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