Creating a webinar

Select webinar type

Go to the main menu, click on "+ New webinar" to create a new webinar. The first step of the webinar wizard will be opened immediately. This step is called "Create". Select the type of webinar you’d like to create. ..

Access control

When creating a webinar, you can easily choose how viewers can register for your webinar. Your webinar is created with the chosen settings. You can switch on or off any setting afterward. You can choose from: ..

Estimated duration of your webinar

Set an estimated duration of your live webinar so people know what to expect during the registration process. The estimated duration will also be shown when you add the live webinar to your calendar. It’s not an issue if the live webinar lasts lo..

Choose a title

What’s the name of the game? Think of a catchy title that fits you and your target audience. When creating a webinar, you have the ability to set your own title. Click on the text field and type out your title. When you’re unsure about your webinar title a..

Webinar language

It’s possible to create your webinar in different languages. As of right now, you have the option to choose between English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Dutch. All webinar templates will be auto-generated in the chosen language...

Setting date and time

A live webinar happens on a predetermined date and time. Select the day, month, and year by clicking on the arrows or click on the calendar to quickly choose a date. Next, select the preferred time you’d like to give the webinar at...

Extra broadcast(s)

Planning on giving a webinar you’d like to repeat multiple times? Adding an extra broadcast to your webinar will be easy. These extra broadcasts will immediately be visible on the registration page. The visitor of your registration page can choos..

Offering a replay

A replay is a recording of your live webinar. A recording of a live webinar is always created, you won’t need to do anything to create one. After the webinar you’ll always be able to watch the replay again at your own discretion. Participants can only view..

Connect the webinar to a webinar series

Connect webinars to each other and create a webinar series! This is a useful feature for e.g. the creation of a course with different lessons. The benefit is only having to share a single link for the registration page, without having to configure all the ..

Copying a webinar

Configuring your first webinar will take some time and effort, but… the next webinars can most likely be set up the lazy way. You guessed it, a new webinar can copy the settings of a previously used webinar. So be wise, and use this feature to your advantage! ..

Edit webinar

After creating your webinar (by clicking on "Create webinar") you’ll continue to the next step in the webinar wizard. You don’t need to finish the entire process right now. To exit the editor at any moment, click on "Webinar overview". A webinar that’s not..

Realtime page editor

You can edit different pages, such as the registration page, confirmation page, sales page and others to your own style using our realtime page editor. As soon as you start editing this page, you’ll enter the realtime editor. On your left, you’ll..

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