Webinar pages

Configuring chat

When creating or editing a live webinar you can configure the chat settings. Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Webinar" > “Webinar page”. ..

Webinar page

The webinar page is the page viewers get to see before and during your webinar. Edit webi..

Creating a presentation

Your webinar success will largely be determined by the contents of your presentation. In order to create a new presentation, we recommend using the software choices below. For Windows users this will usually be PowerPoint and for Apple users this will be Keynote. ..

Uploading your presentation

To be able to share your presentation during the webinar, you need to upload it in WebinarGeek before the live broadcast, so you’ll be able to quickly share it during the live webinar. You can also use screen sharing during..

Video injection

During a live webinar you have the option to play videos (YouTube). For example, show your audience a testimonial or a product demo. You can also record a part of your presentation beforehand, and only start and end the live webinar to answer questions...

Use external videos

For on demand and automated webinars you can use external video files, in this document we’ll explain which video files you can use and how to enter them correctly. Importing an external video is possible when choosing "Edit webinar", under th..

Sales page

The sales page is a page that shows up for the viewers after the webinar ends. It’s where you have the opportunity to give some additional information about your product or service. It’s also the perfect time to explain that unique offer one last time. ..

Evaluation form

The evaluation form is a nifty tool to receive input from viewers about your webinar. The form will be automatically displayed after the webinar has ended. ..

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