Create new email

With WebinarGeek you have the option to set different types of email messages. You can edit them to your taste or corporate identity. Go to the webinar editor and click on "Emails".  Here you’ll find an overview of all emails and you have the opt..

Edit Email

Go to the webinar editor and click on "Emails". In the overview, click on the email you’d like to edit. To your left..

Disable confirmation email

Click on your webinar> "Edit webinar"> "Emails"> Click on the title of the confirmation email. As soon as someone registers for your webinar, they automatically receive the confirmation email with the unique viewing link. Disable the con..

Email scheduling

To actually send out an email, you have to schedule it. Click on your webinar > ‘Edit webinar’ > ‘Emails’. Next, click on the email you’d like to schedule. Set the moment you want to send out the email at ‘Schedule email’ and choose ‘Plan n..

Directly sending email

Prefer living in the moment? Directly sending an email for a specific broadcast will be the right choice for you. Select a broadcast you’d like to create a new email for and choose ‘Send now The email will be scheduled and immediately sent. Near..

Email variables and logic rules

Here, you’ll find an overview of email variables and logic rules. Variables When creating/editing an email, it’s good to work with pre-set variables. This automates the personalization of the email in a no..

Verify your own email

Emails that are sent from WebinarGeek will have a standard WebinarGeek-branded ‘from’ email. Obviously, most companies would like to use their own branded email using their own domain name. In this article, we’ll explain how to configure this. ..

Tips for optimal email delivery

When sending out an email, you’d obviously want people to open it and read it. You want to prevent it from ending up in the spam folder. In this guide, we’ll give some practical tips to increase your email deliverability. Personalize your emails:..

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