Call to action

With a call to action you’re able to motivate a viewer to perform an action. For example, you could offer the opportunity to request a brochure or personal presentation, or to subscribe for the next webinar. The viewer will indicate if he/she is interested..


A great way to increase the engagement of your audience is through the use of polls and statements. Propose a statement and allow people to vote on it. After the attendees have voted, they’ll directly be able to see the poll outcome. It provides you with a..


Make online learning impactful, engaging and fun. With the quiz option you have the ability to create and give interactive lessons. This is a great fit for schools, internal business training, coaching, pub quizzes and many more. This way of synchronous classes does..

Info Box

With the info box, you have the option to give viewers extra information during the webinar, but no call to action will be attached. An info box might come in handy to e.g. show background information about the host, or it could display a general announcement. ..

Assessment Module

Use your webinar for assessments for educational and training purposes. You can set criteria that your viewers must meet to pass the webinar. We automatically process the results for you after the webinar. You're able to see which viewers passed, and those..

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