On demand webinars

Create new on demand webinar

With an on demand webinar you allow your viewers to watch the webinar at a time that best suits their schedule. The viewer registers using their name and email, so you’ll know exactly who watched the on demand webinar at which moment. You can also configur..

Availability on demand webinar

When creating/editing your on demand webinar you have the option to configure the availability. Do this under the heading ‘Create/General’ when editing your webinar. Set a limited availability at "Allow limited availability". Select the time period for whi..

Set payment for on demand webinar

The option paid webinars has been made available for on demand webinars that were created after November 3, 2018. Make sure to not copy a webinar created before that date. After you have connected your Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account, y..

Set up chapters

You can set chapters in your on-demand webinar, so viewers can skip to a specific chapter in your on-demand webinar. Once you have set these up, the chapters will be visible in the timeline of your on-demand webinar. Each chapter consists of a bl..

Add recording on demand

When creating/editing your on demand webinar, you can add a recording under the heading "Webinar". Make sure you’ve added a recording as soon as you start sharing your registration link! For recordings, the following options apply: You have..

Receive questions

During the on demand webinar there is a possibility that viewers can ask questions. You can set this up at any moment. To do this, click on the on demand webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Webinar" > "Webinar page". Click on the switc..

Limited viewing time/period

Prevent multiple people from viewing the on demand webinar with a single registration. You can do this by setting a maximum viewing time or period. The options are explained below. Limited viewing time Set a ..

Disable scrollbar

Don’t want to allow your on demand webinar viewers to scroll through the video? Feel free to turn of the scrollbar. To do this, click on your on demand webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Webinar" > "Webinar page". Click under “Webinar settings”..

Schedule interactions

For automated and on demand webinars, it’s possible to plan the interactions beforehand, because it’s not a live webinar. Prefer to use a live webinar recording? No problem. Interactions you used during the live webinar will be used at the same moment for ..

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