Paid webinars

Paid webinars overview

With WebinarGeek it’s very simple to organize paid webinars. Ask your viewers for a payment to participate to a webinar and earn money immediately with your valuable knowledge. You only need to connect your Mollie account once to your WebinarG..

Activate paid webinars

The first step is connecting your Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account. Already have a Mollie account? Log in here and connect Mollie to your WebinarGeek account. ..

Configure paid webinar

The paid webinars option is available for live and automated webinars that were created after February 14, 2018. For on demand webinars it’s available for broadcasts created after November 3, 2018. After connecting a Mollie account to..

Payment process for participants

A participant of a paid webinar can make a direct payment or complete the payment at a later point in time. Direct payment The registration process for a paid webinar has a..

Manage paid participants

Manage paid participants In practice, it could happen you’d like to refund a payment or don’t want to allow a participant to view the webinar.   Refund payment ..

Disconnect your Mollie account

In WebinarGeek, go to ‘My account’ and click on ‘Account details’ under the header ‘PAID WEBINARS’. Click on the button ‘Disconnect’. Please note: All paid webinars will be converted to free webinars. It will be no l..

Statistics and data

You can easily view an overview of the number of participants that paid for a webinar in your statistics. Also, you’re able to see how much you made in total with your webinar. Overvi..

Rates for paid webinars

To make sure the payment process will remain as uncomplicated and simple as possible, both for you as a WebinarGeek user, but also for your participants, we subtract a handling fee of 5% on the amount paid. For each transaction, you’ll also pay Mollie a..

Frequently asked questions

Why do you (only) work with Mollie? Mollie is well-known for their reliability and transparent costs. The simplicity of using Mollie connects perfectly to our vision. For us it was an easy choice to cooperate with Mollie as a ..

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