Publish a webinar

Publish a Webinar

As soon as you went through all the webinar wizard steps, the time has come to publish your webinar. Publishing the webinar is important, because from that moment on your registration link will be active. Now you’re able to share the link and people can re..

Webinar dashboard

After publishing the webinar, you’ll get redirected to the webinar dashboard. The webinar dashboard provides an overview of the most important webinar information. You can also navigate here by clicking “View details” in the overview for all your..

Webinar room

The webinar room is the broadcast page for your live and test webinar. The only difference between the test webinar and the live webinar room is the ability to add test viewers in a test webinar. And the test webinars aren’t recorded. All other options are..

Webinar users

Hosting a webinar comes with a lot of hidden tasks. Sometimes, presenting a webinar on your own won’t be manageable. That’s why you can add multiple users in different roles, so you can make sure to divide the tasks. ..

One-click registration link

The one-click registration link is an advanced way to allow people that are already on your mailing list to register for your webinar with just a single click of a button. The one-click registration link will auto-fill the registration field for the subscriber. ..

Registration process participants

Using the registration page or embed form, people can subscribe to your webinar. Here you’ll be able to find all registration options. Confirmation p..

Import contacts

You have the option to import contacts to subscribe for a webinar. Use the import contacts functionality if: You directed the registration process from your own website. You want to invite a pre-e..

The viewing experience

System requirements WebinarGeek is built in a way that allows to bring your webinar to the largest number of viewers possible, independent of viewer location and the type of device used when logging in. Check out the ..

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