Registration process

Registration options

Someone that subscribes to your webinar with WebinarGeek will always enter the WebinarGeek system. One of the reasons for this, is because we generate a unique link for every viewer to attend your webinar. Through this unique link, we’ll know exactly who watches you..

Registration page

The first step in the registration process is the registration page. Here, you’ll end up automatically after creating your webinar. ..

Registration fields

The registration- and permission fields make up the registration form. With these fields, you’ll be able to collect the required information about the individual that decided to register for your webinar. ..

Watch without registration

Set a direct link up to view the webinar without registration, only a first name is required if desired. The link redirects the visitor to the next or current broadcast. Think carefully about where you share the link because you can get many viewers at onc..

Confirmation page

After someone has registered for your webinar, this person ends up on the confirmation page. You can change this page. ..

Embed form

The embed form allows visitors of your website/blog to register for your webinar without actually having to leave your website. The only thing you need to do is copy a bit of HTML-code and paste it on your website/blog! ..


The option to add paid webinars is available for webinars created after February 14, 2018. For on demand webinars, it’s available for webinars created after November 3, 2018. With WebinarGeek it’s very simple to organize paid webinar sessions. Req..

Integrations per webinar

Click in de webinar wizard on > "Registration" > "Integrations". A connection with your favorite email marketing software w..

Registration settings

Here you can continue the registration process and adjust it to your liking. Click on your webinar> "Edit webinar"> "Registration"> "Settings". ..

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