Recording live webinar

There will always be an automated recording of your live webinar. The recording starts when you press ‘Start live webinar’ and it will stop when clicking on ‘Stop webinar’. As soon as your live webinar ended, we’ll start processing the replay ..

Configure the replay

When creating a live webinar you can configure the replay. The replay will be enabled by default, click on the switch to disable the replay availability for registrations. This can be changed later in the ..

Change replay settings

You always have the option to change the replay availability for each individual broadcast. Do this in your replay settings. Click on your webinar > "Replay" > "Settings". ..

Offering replay in limited availability

Click on your webinar > "Replay" > "Settings".  Click on the switch at "Availability" and set the availability for a specific date and time. You can always come back and change this later. ..

Receive questions

Click on your webinar > "Replay" > "Settings". Click on the switch at "Accept questions" and change the email if needed. The attendees will see a text box next to the replay video to ask questions during watching the webinar. You will receive thes..

Send replay emails

As soon as the replay is available, you can start sharing it. You can either send out a replay email to everyone that subscribed, or your can choose to share the public link..

Share public watch link

The public link is a unique link for each replay that can be easily shared. Every person you share the public replay link with can view the replay, unless you haven’t made the replay publicly available. Click on your webinar > "Replay" >..

Download replay

The video file of the replay can be downloaded as an MP4 file after your webinar. Click on your webinar > "Replay" > "Download replay" > "Request download". ..

View replay statistics

The replay statistics can be found in the statistics of your webinar. Replay viewers After your live broadcast, click on "Statistics" > "Viewers" Here you’ll find an historic overview of the n..

Edit replay

After downloading your webinar you can edit the replay with video editing software. Camtasia is an example of a popular editing tool, we use Camtasia too to edit videos. It’s a very user-friendly tool. Having trouble editing the video? Upload ..

Frequently asked questions

Will you always record my webinar? Yes, there will always be a recording of your live webinar, regardless of your choice for enabling replays. Can I edit my replay..

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