Privacy & security

Two-step verification login

Enable two-step login to give your account that extra layer of security it needs. Two-step verification is a security process that requires you to enter an extra code when logging into your WebinarGeek account (apart from your regular password). This extra code is ..

IP restrictions

Please note: IP restrictions isn’t available in every package. Please check out the pricing page for more details. Configure a set of IP addresses to restrict access to your webinars. Click at the top right on “Acco..

Permission fields

Because of for example the GDPR legislation it’s necessary to ask permission to process/save the personal details of people that register. For this purpose, WebinarGeek allows you to create per..

View data

In your account you can now look up all personal data we collect about your webinar registrations. Also keep in mind a registration is legally allowed to request their personal data. It’s possible to view and share this personal data using the instructions below...


In your account you can find which agreements are relevant to your WebinarGeek account. Terms and conditions When creating your trial account, you a..

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