Configure paid webinar

The paid webinars option is available for live and automated webinars that were created after February 14, 2018. For on demand webinars it’s available for broadcasts created after November 3, 2018.

After connecting a Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account you can set a price for each webinar. That price can be anything between 1 and 1000 and should be paid before people can view the webinar.


Set amount

Create a new live or automated webinar. Next, go to "Registration" and click on "Payment".

Activate Payments by clicking on the switch. Enter an amount between 1 and 1000 that you’d like to receive for each participant.


Add contact details

Next, add your contact details. These are required for payment correspondence with participants.

An email address is required. Optionally, you can also add a phone number.

This contact information will be displayed during the payment process.


Discount code

Set a discount code for your webinar! This can be an amount or percentage, you will receive a separate registration link and a unique code per discount. You can add a discount code field so it’s visible on the registration page.

Go to editing your webinar and click on ‘Registration’ > ‘Payments’.

After you’ve determined a payment for your webinar, you can create a discount under "Discounts".

Click on ‘Create discount’. A pop-up appears. Set up a name for internal reference, edit the discount code and set up a discount amount or percentage.

Set a limited availability by clicking the switch and set up a "Valid Until" date.

Be aware! The amount (with or without a discount) may not be lower than the minimum amount of Mollie. This differs per payment method. Here you will find the minimum amount.

All discount codes you can find in the overview. You can see which are still active or have expired. In addition to the discount, there’s also a discount code that can be used for the discount code field on the registration page.

Click on ‘Options’ to open or copy the discount link for sharing. People who register through this link will be able to provide from the special price.

Add discount code field

Click on your webinar> "Edit webinar"> "Registration"> "Registration fields".

Here you can add the discount code field under "Add standard field". This way, anyone with the discount code can register for a special price for your paid webinar. Click here for more information about registration fields.

You will find the code with your created discount code section.

100% Discount

To offer your paid webinar for a certain group of customers for free, set a 100% discount code. You do this by selecting "Percentage" as a discount type and entering 100%. Embed form To use the discount code for your embed form you must add a part of code to your embed: data-promotion = "code".

You will find the code that you have to enter therein the registration link of your discount code.

Embed form

To use the discount code for your embed form you must add a part of code to your embed: data-promotion = "code". You will find the code that you have to enter there in the registration link of your discount code.

Automated and live webinars settings

Go to your webinar editor and click on ‘Registration’ > ‘Payment’.

Preventing someone from logging in twice

When you let your viewers pay for watching the webinar, you want to avoid someone else using the same link again. You can very easily stop this by enabling the option "Don’t allow viewers to watch with two devices live at the same time".

This option works as follows: when a paying viewer tries to view the webinar using his/her watch link, that person will be allowed in. If someone else also tries to watch using the same link, that person will see an error notification on their screen.

So only one person at the same time can watch for each unique link. If a viewer would like to watch the remainder of the webinar on another device this is possible, but the screen for the original device should be closed first.

Set an individual broadcast price

You can configure your broadcasts so viewers should pay for each connected webinar and broadcast. Click on "Viewers should pay the amount for each broadcast of this webinar individually" to activate this.

On demand webinar settings

The option to allow paid webinars is only available for on demand webinars that have been created after November 3, 2018. Please don’t copy a webinar created before that date either.

Go to your webinar editor and click on ‘Registration’ > ‘Payment’.

Maximum watchtime

Prevent multiple people from viewing the on demand webinar with a single payment. Set a maximum watch time for your on demand webinar.

We recommend a watchtime of the total recording length + 25%. This allows someone to scroll back the recording, but can’t watch it more than once.

Click on your on demand webinar and click on “Edit webinar”. Go to “Webinar” > “Webinar page”.

Click under "Webinar settings" on the switch under "Viewers are limited in viewing time" and enter the maximum number of minutes.

Payment confirmation for each email

As soon as you enabled "Payments" for a webinar, an extra email is created in that webinar. This so-called payment confirmation is added as an extra confirmation email.

You have the option to edit this email under "Emails" when editing your webinar in the well-known WebinarGeek editor mode.

This email is automatically broadcasted when a participant completed a payment.

TIP: Add information about the required payment to the standard confirmation email. For example, mention that it’s not possible to view the webinar without having completed a payment.


PLEASE NOTE: A payment for a webinar also gives the viewer permission to watch the replay.

Connected webinars

With WebinarGeek it’s possible to connect webinars. This means a participant can register for multiple webinars at the same time on a single registration page.

The payment process starts after registration, which gives the participant access to all connected webinars in the connected series.

Want people to make payments for individual broadcasts? Add a checkmark to "Viewers should pay the amount for each broadcast of this webinar individually". Do this when editing/creating your webinar at 'Registration' > 'Payments' > 'Settings'.


Webinar with multiple broadcasts

You can add multiple broadcasts to a webinar. That way you can offer the same webinar on different dates and times. A participant can choose to watch the broadcast in their own time this way.

For a paid webinar the participant will get access to all broadcasts after payment. This means they can subscribe to another broadcast without having to pay again.

Want people to pay for each individual broadcast? Add a checkmark to "Viewers should pay the amount for each broadcast of this webinar individually". Do this when editing/creating your webinar at 'Registration' > 'Payments' > 'Settings'.

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