Confirmation page

After someone has registered for your webinar, this person ends up on the confirmation page. You can change this page.

Edit confirmation page

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Registration" > "Confirmation page".


Click on the orange button "Edit confirmation page" to go to the page editor.

Here, automated personalized information about the subscriber will be shown. You can make adaptations in the header as well.

Click here for more explanation about the page editor.

Below, a confirmation page example is provided after registration:

You do have the option to add and adapt other templates. Such as the header, text color, or other layout options.

Set custom URL as confirmation page

You can also use a custom confirmation page. For example, a custom page on your website.

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Registration" > "Confirmation page".

Next, click the pencil icon under the orange button to set a custom URL.

Add the URL, and don’t forget to click save!

After registration, the individual will now be redirected to the added custom web page.

Note! 1,5 hours before the webinar starts, subscribers will see the countdown or watch page and will not be redirected to the newly added custom URL.

For paid webinars, the WebinarGeek confirmation page will be used because of the required payment procedure.

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