Permission fields

Because of for example the GDPR legislation it’s necessary to ask permission to process/save the personal details of people that register. For this purpose, WebinarGeek allows you to create permission fields and add them to all your registration pages.

The easiest way is to add these from your account. Go to your account page and choose the option "Permission fields" under "Safety & privacy". Here, you can add permission fields that are visible within all your webinars. This allows you to use a permission field for all your webinars at once.

Here you’ll find an example of the option within a permission field.

On account level

In the top right, click on "Account" > "My account" > "Permission fields", under "Privacy & Security". You can also add permission fields here that are visible within all your webinars.

Add a "Name for internal use", this is something you’ll only can see as the account owner.

Add a "Text next to checkmark", this is a text that will be displayed on the registration page or the embed form next to the checkmark where subscribers can indicate if they agree to the terms and conditions.

You can choose to prevent people from registration when they don’t give you permission. To do this, click on: "Make field mandatory, registration without permission not possible."


At "Add link to your agreement?" you can select the following options:

  • "Only show checkmark and text": The registration will only see the checkmark and the text you’ve added at "Text next to checkmark".

  • "Link to external URL": Here you can add a link to your agreement. Give your agreement an applicable name that is visible to your visitors and add an external URL.


  • "Link to an agreement text": Here you can add your own agreement text, which will show up as a pop-up on screen when the visitor clicks on it. Hier kan je zelf de tekst van je overeenkomst toevoegen en deze komt dan als pop up in beeld als de bezoeker er op klikt. Give your agreement an applicable name that is visible to your visitors and add your text.



Next, configure for which webinars this permission field is relevant. At "All languages" this permission field will be used for each webinar, for "Dutch" it will be used for all webinars set up using the Dutch language, and for "English" it will be applied to all webinars set up using the English language.

Next, click on "Add permission field".

Configure for each webinar

You can create a separate permission field for each individual webinar. For example you can do this when one webinar uses different conditions than the other one.

You can set this up when creating/editing your webinar: "Registration" > "Registration fields" > "+ Add permission field". Follow the steps and choose "Add permission field". Click here for more explanation about the steps.

Also have a general permission field active in your account? The separate permission field will be displayed below the general one.

Use as email opt-in

You may choose to save the permission field as email opt-in field. This means your registrations will be added to an email list automatically after permission. Make sure to configure your email integration with WebinarGeek to activate this feature.

Check the box at: "This field is an email opt-in field."

When you mark a permission field as "email opt-in", this will mean the following:

  • For the webinar this field is visible at, users will only be added to an email list when this option is enabled.
  • This option automatically cooperates with your email integrations within WebinarGeek. So when you’ve set up an integration with MailChimp, Autorespond or any other supported email provider, someone will be automatically added to that mailing list when that person ticked the required permission field.
  • For webinars where this field won’t be visible, users will always be added to your mailing list (in case you configured a mailing list).

Edit/remove permission field

On account level

In the top right, click on "Account" > "My account" > "Permission fields", under "Privacy & Security".

You can edit your permission field or remove it by clicking on "Options" > "Edit" or "Remove".

For each webinar

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Registration" > "Registration fields".

You can edit your permission field or remove it by clicking on "Options" > "Edit" or "Remove".

Export data for burden of proof

All collected data via your "permission fields" can be retrieved in your webinar statistics. In that way, you can always meet GDPR requirements related to your burden of proof.

Click on "Statistics" in your webinar dashboard, and go to "Registrations" > "Subscribers" and click on "Export to CSV". Open the .CSV file and adapt the column width so you can properly see all filled in columns. Click here for more information about automatically adapting column width (Autoadapt).

The .CSV file contains 3 extra columns:

  • Consents, here you’ll find the permission fields the viewer agreed to.
  • Registration source, here you’ll find using which source the viewer registered, e.g. the registration page, an embed form, or other source.
  • Registration IP, here you’ll find the IP address of the registration.

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