Edit Email

Go to the webinar editor and click on "Emails".

In the overview, click on the email you’d like to edit.

To your left, there are several editable fields and to your right you can use the editor to change the email content.

Email fields

These are the fields you are able to edit:

Name for internal use

A standard name will be used for each email you create, this is a name for internal use, this name will be displayed in the overview for all your webinars. (Not applicable at the confirmation email.)

Bcc email

A copy of each confirmation email is sent to the address you set. For example, to keep track of how many registrations you have. (Only applicable with the confirmation email)


This is where the standard subject for each newly created email will be displayed, this is the email subject your webinar subscribers will get to see.

Sender name

The standard name will be your company name, this is the sender your webinar subscribers will get to see.

Sender email

The standard sender email will be set as noreply@webinargeek.com. Want to send out emails using a personalized email? Click here for more information on how to use your own email.

Reply-to email

When you haven’t set your own email at "Sender email" you can fill in an email at "Reply-to email". When subscribers respond to your email, the emails will be sent to this address.

The following fields are only available for a follow-up, evaluation, reminder or replay email:

Target group

This option is available for follow-up and replay emails. The standard setting is set to "All registrations". You can choose to send these to your "Viewers", "Non viewers" or "All registrations".

If   you have activated an evaluation form you can also set "Viewers who have not completed the evaluation form".

Plan your email

This is where you can plan out the perfect moment for sending our your email. You have the ability to plan in emails 14 days before or after the webinar.

Click here for more information about planning in your emails, or to immediately send out the email.

Please be mindful of the fact that reminder and follow-up emails are send out every 15 minutes.

Edit email in editor

Click on your webinar > ‘Edit webinar’ > ‘Emails’.

Next, click on your email > 'Edit email' to go to the editor.

Changing up the content and look of the email to match your corporate identity is possible. You can do this at any moment and your progress will always be autosaved.

Sending a test email

When you’re done editing your email, it’s a great idea to send yourself a test email first.

To do this, click on your webinar > ‘Edit webinar’ > ‘Emails’. Next, click on your email and go to the editor.

In the editor, choose the envelope icon in the top left, fill in the recipient you’d like to send out the test email to, and click on that little envelope icon one more time.

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