Extra broadcast(s)

Planning on giving a webinar you’d like to repeat multiple times? Adding an extra broadcast to your webinar will be easy.

These extra broadcasts will immediately be visible on the registration page.

The visitor of your registration page can choose a suitable time using a dropdown menu.

Adding an extra broadcast

Click on the webinar where you’d like to add an extra broadcast and click on “Edit webinar” on the right.

Scroll down until "Date & time" and click on "+ Add extra broadcast", select the date and time of your extra broadcast.

You’re about to add as many broadcasts as you’d like, the extra broadcasts will all be visible on the registration page immediately..

Deleting an extra broadcast

To delete a broadcast during the creation process, click on the bin next the the broadcast itself.

When you already created the webinar, first click on it and then click on "Edit webinar", scroll down to "Date & Time", click on "Edit" > "Remove all data" for the broadcast you’d like to remove.

Please note: The "Statistics" and possible registrations for this broadcast will also be deleted in the process.

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