Invite a test attendee

You can invite someone to view the test webinar. Please be aware that’s it’s only possible to follow the test webinar from the Google Chrome browser when using "Test the webinar", so make sure the viewer is using this browser configuration. This isn’t required during the live webinar.

The test can be started at any given moment from the webinar dashboard by clicking on "Test the webinar".

To invite someone, click on the icon next to the start button to send someone an email or a direct link for the test webinar.

Select a role, type out the name and email and use our lightning-fast digital pigeon service (i.e. email) to send out the invitation.

The test attendee will get the test link from you personally, or can copy it from the test link email. As soon as the test webinar started, it will be visible to the test attendee.

Please note: When you’re in the same location as the tester, make sure the tester works with some headphones or turns off the sound. This avoids sound from the test attendee being picked up by your microphone. Which creates an echo effect.

System requirements test attendee

The test webinar can only be viewed from Google Chrome on desktop or laptop. So make sure the tester uses this browser on a desktop or laptop.

During the real live webinar, attendees can use any type of device or browser. Here you’ll find the system requirements for both presenters and attendees for the actual live webinar.

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