Select webinar type

Go to the main menu, click on "+ New webinar" to create a new webinar. The first step of the webinar wizard will be opened immediately. This step is called "Create".

Select the type of webinar you’d like to create.

Live webinar

During a live webinar you’ll be presenting yourself in front of the camera in real time. You’ll need a computer with an internet connection, a webcam, microphone and the Google Chrome browser (as a host). You don’t need to download any software or install anything.

Automated webinar

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that is broadcasted as if it were live. Attendees experience a live webinar, despite the fact they’re watching a recording. You as the presenter can kick back and relax during the broadcast. However, it’s possible to answer viewer questions directly in the chat.

This pre-recorded webinar is auto-played on set times you planned out in advance.

Attendees register for the webinar and experience a live webinar. They’ll never know they are actually watching a video recording. Unless you tell them, obviously.

On demand webinar

An on demand webinar is a recording of a webinar that’s made available for a certain time period. People can register for it and will get to see the webinar recording immediately. They have the option to pause, fast forward and go back in the webinar as well, unless you choose to turn off the scrollbar.

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