Interactions results

The "Statistics" can be found in your webinar dashboard.

Click on your webinar > "Statistics" > "Interactions".

Here you’ll find an overview of the interactions you used for the webinar. By clicking on "View results" next to your call to action or poll, you can view results until the individual level. For the replay interactions, "Replay" will be displayed before the interaction.

Call to action

Click on "View results", here you’ll find an overview of all participants that responded. When you’ve created a call to action with a form, you’ll be able to retrieve the answers here.


Click on "View results", first you’ll see a complete overview. For results, you’ll see for each participant which answer was provided.

The complete overview can also be displayed in a diagram, to your right click on "Diagram display". The diagram display can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon.

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