HubSpot + WebinarGeek

All webinar activities of your contacts in one place in Hubspot.

All your contact activities on the Timeline

Webinar registrations, viewing data, poll votes, evaluation forms and all other activities from your viewers directly into HubSpot. Everything in one place. You can use it for your workflows for instance.

Process registrations via HubSpot Forms

You can use HubSpot Forms as a form for new webinar registrations. This way you can control the entire registration process and have different ways to receive registrations.

Create a full webinar profile

For each contact we create special WebinarGeek properties in which we keep track of when someone registered for your webinar or attend to a webinar. This way you can easily separate your contacts based on webinar activity.

Work with the tools you already use

Discover the added value of our integration with HubSpot

Plan a demo Documentation

Start list managers and put contacts on your mailing list.

Synchronize your contacts with Enormail. Start autoresponders for your viewers.

Start triggers based on viewing behavior and put contacts on your mailings.

Synchronize with MailChimp for powerful automations.