How to make yourself look good on webcam

7 July 2015 - 3 min

The fact that you’re just using a webcam for your webinar, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look your best! Here are some practical tips to make sure you’ll look amazing on screen with just a webcam!

Tip 1: Use an external webcam

At WebinarGeek we use the Logitech C920, a powerful HD widescreen webcam with a useful clip on the webcam which can be mounted on an external screen. It’s also possible to use a tripod for this webcam when you’d want to stand up during your webinar presentation. In this day and age, built-in webcam quality is fine, but we still recommend investing in an external webcam for that extra bit of quality. It will make all the difference in your next presentation.

Tip 2: Make sure the webcam is on the correct height

If you’re using the built-in laptop webcam anyway, make sure to keep the camera elevated. For most people, seeing someone from the bottom up is the least flattering angle. To elevate your built-in laptop webcam, simply use an old-fashioned technique. Get a pile of A4-printing paper or some decently sized books to create your personal laptop skyscraper. The perfect height for the camera is just above your eyes. Aim the camera slightly downward for the best angle.

Tip 3: Use light as your advantage

The more light the better, so got any extra light sources? Use those lights as your advantage! Do make sure the light shines on your face from the front, so you won’t have those annoying shadows on your face. Plenty of light will make things easy on your webcam, helping you with a better-looking and more detailed video quality for your broadcast. Light coming from above is best avoided, because it creates dark spots under your eyes.

Tip 4: Use a calm background

Declutter, and become zen. A background with a lot of objects in the background are a source of distraction. So keep your background as neutral as possible for your viewers, so you can put the emphasis on you and your message.

Tip 5: Make eye contact with the audience

Nothing more impersonal than not making eye contact with the person you’re talking to. So remember to make eye contact with the audience by directly looking into the lens of the camera. When you do this, you quickly make the broadcast a lot more personal!

Using these tips you will make sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience, even when using a simple webcam!