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Benefits of a webinar

Webinars are hot. That I can assure you. Your audience is ready and probably so are you. Still, doubting if you should start with webinars? No worries, here is the list you need with the 8 benefits of webinars.

What’s a webinar?

Before taking off it might be good to know what a webinar actually is. It might be that you visited one, but it was called a workshop, masterclass, online session, event, or any of the other thousands of different names. For us, it’s all the same: a webinar.

A webinar is a combination of the words "web-based" and "seminar". A webinar session is an interactive online presentation. The attendee's login from any device and any location in the world to join and follow the webinar presentation. The only thing you need is a computer with a working internet connection.

Reach out to a larger audience and position yourself as an expert
Become a webinar expert
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Webinar Benefit #1 - Reach a larger audience more often

Hosting a bigger offline event is a hustle. You need enough space for everyone and even though you would like to host it every month, that is never going to happen since it is too expensive and takes too much time.

With webinars, you can invite as many people as you want. It’s also easier for your audience to come and visit your webinar. Since they do not even have to move an inch. They grab their phone and that’s it. Just as easy as checking your Instagram or watching a YouTube video.

Because it is this easy to host a webinar, it also gives you the opportunity to do it more often. This also helps a lot with getting more viewers, since you are starting to create consistency.

Webinar Benefit #2 - Save money & save time

This might be an open door benefit, but let’s face it. Hosting webinars saves everyone money and time. No venue to hire, no catering to deal with, and no travel costs for you or the attendees. And let’s not forget: much better for the environment 🌱 !

One of the biggest benefits is that organizing a webinar is done within minutes, unlike hosting a real event.

Webinar Benefit #3 - Learn from the audience

The data that you are getting from a webinar is truly the most valuable data that you are getting from any of your marketing efforts. A webinar is a moment where the audience is all yours and let’s be honest: how many tools do you use where your audience has more than 5 seconds to listen to your message? Zero, I know. The average time that people spend on reading a social post has never been so low (less than 5 seconds) and with the average webinar lasting for 45 minutes, that means that you have 2695 seconds more to tell your audience why you rock.

By asking the audience questions you will start to understand their needs and preferences. By analyzing their behavior you will also be able to understand their expectations. Look up the percentage of people that actually showed up for your webinar or when most people send you a message through the chat. Think about what you see in the statistics and what kind of trends you can discover. It gets even more interesting when you integrate webinar software with a CRM so that you get a 360-degree profile of the contact.

Webinar Benefit #4 - Repurpose webinar content

Setting up a webinar is done within minutes and hosting webinars has never been this easy, but also we know that it can be stressful and that the results (especially after a first webinar) can be lower than you expected.

But don’t be sad, there is much more that you can do with the webinar that you have hosted. All webinars that you are hosting through WebinarGeek are automatically recorded and will stay available in your account. You can use the recording of your webinar, to create an on demand or automated webinar, so that you get more profit from this webinar.

Another great thing is that with a little bit of video editing you can cut the best part from your recording and use it for other purposes, like a post on Linkedin or Instagram. This way more people get to know your webinars and will automatically at some point subscribe to them.

Webinar Benefit #5 - Generate new leads

A business can’t survive without any new leads and getting those leads is often easier said than done. Webinars are a great way to gather more data from leads in a very short period and in an easy way.

You are the expert in your field. You are trying to show that to your audience by talking about topics that they find interesting and that show them your authority on a specific subject. People visit the registration page of your webinar because they have the feeling that you have the knowledge that they need. They are willing to give their email address, name, and even more data so that in exchange you can give them the information that they need. All the information that you are gathering helps you to connect to new prospects and it doesn’t even matter if they actually come and watch your webinar or not.

Webinar Benefit #6 - Train people fast and test their knowledge

During the latest research, we discovered that webinars are not only super helpful if it comes to getting in touch with new audiences. One of the great benefits is that you can actually transfer knowledge and train people successfully and super efficiently.

WebinarGeek gives you the opportunity to add quizzes to your webinar and you can even enable the assessment feature to get a clear overview of who passed the test and who didn’t.

Webinar Benefit #7 - It’s 100% corona proof

The amount of canceled events has probably never been so high. And there is no bigger frustration than canceling the event and having to look for a corona-proof solution. Why not just skip the frustration part and start hosting webinars?

With WebinarGeek, you host paid webinars in just a few clicks. That way you'll also earn money from them. Especially handy if you're giving a training course that you can't physically give right now, for example. And as if it were not easy enough: even your automated and on demand webinars are worth money. Keep generating income in a completely automated way. The golden tip to become rich while sleeping?

Reach out to a larger audience and position yourself as an expert
Become a webinar expert
two people looking at a laptop

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