8 reasons why webinars are absolutely essential for businesses

14 March 2019 - 4 min

Webinars are becoming more and more important as a tool for business owners. They quickly replace expensive training programs, seminars and other types of business meetings. For good reason, but it’s usually used to share knowledge on a large scale with prospects and customers, creating engagement, leads and sales. Webinars are also a great tool for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to compete with the big boys. To put it differently: businesses adopt webinars rapidly and will often see then as an essential part of their inbound marketing and content strategy. Below, you’ll find the 8 most important reasons to do the same thing and adopt webinars into your business practices.

1. You ignite a real conversation, so you’ll get back a lot

Webinars are unique when it comes to group dynamics. They allow you to reach a large audience all at once where you’re able to tell your ‘story’, but it’s absolutely not a presentation. Participants actually participate in the meeting. They ask questions, chat amongst themselves, download information and don’t just learn from the webinar, but also from each other. By giving webinars you will get to know your participants, your (potential) customers, very well. And it are these unique interactive characteristics which will give you more valuable insights in one webinar, than months of qualitative market research combined. Imagina what giving regular webinars can teach you. About yourself and your target audience.

2. You can quickly place yourself in the market as an expert in your niche

To be present at a webinar, a prospect will register, write down the date, make time for the webinar, be present at just the right moment and also give you the stage for an hour. There’s obviously a high level of involvement from the audience. This entails high expectations that you will have to fulfill. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge, add value and place yourself as an expert in the market. You can be the person to ask things in your niche for those people. This is why you should never skimp out on giving value to your customers during a webinar.

3. You sell while sharing knowledge

Usually, people think that webinars mainly exist to share knowledge. This is true, but in practice, we see teaching and selling go hand in hand in a good webinar! Effective webinar content will teach something to your customers, it will make them aware of their ‘roadblocks’ to success and at the same time will offer them a new path to venture into. Because you’re able to give these new insights, you will automatically be a credible source for providing the solution. This makes selling a much more natural process without ever becoming pushy.

4. You can do it from any location, without much organisation requirements 

How cool is that? You have the ability to have a conversation with hundreds of people … practically instantly through the internet. Whether you do it from the office, a beach chair, hammock or wherever, it’s always possible! Okay, we won’t deny the fact that a 1-on-1 conversation is an effective way to get new customers quickly. But it’s usually not as effective. Maybe when the deals you make are huge. But otherwise, a webinar where you spend an hour of your time interacting with hundreds of people from around the world is a much more time-efficient option.

5. You generate qualitatively better leads

Organizing webinars is a great way to attract new people. And a registration is expected for a webinar. Everyone is familiar with providing their name, email and sometimes more information to register for an interesting webinar.  These are people that are actively interested in the subject matter, automatically making them a high-value lead for your product or service.

6. You can invite guest speakers and seduce their (new) audience

When you invite a specialized guest speaker for your webinar, you essentially do 2 things at once. First, you ‘borrow’ authority, because you and the expert present the webinar together. Psychologically, people will group you as an equal. Secondly, you will involve the audience of the guest speaker to your webinar, because the fans of your guest speaker will love to watch a talk from their favorite person. This will allow you to access a new audience quickly and easily.

7. Create ‘supercharged’ engagement efficiently for existing customers

Once you’re used to giving webinars, you will notice them to also be useful for other purposes. For supporting your regular customers, for example. Or for internal meetings and training. This will make your customers and employees efficient ambassadors of your business.

8. On-demand webinars are the basis of a successful content strategy

Have you ever tried to repeat a symposium, customer meeting or event? You’ll have to completely re-organize the whole thing. Including all the effort this will take you. For webinars, things are (thankfully) completely different. You can offer the same webinar again to the same audience, for example. This will allow them to rewatch the whole webinar once more at a pace they are comfortable with. But you can also offer the webinar on demand or on request to other prospects and customers that are interested in the same subject or event. Or you could simply rebroadcast the same webinar again. And we didn’t even touch upon SEO and brand value yet.

Long story short, webinar possibilities are limitless and the importance of these digital meetings is self-evident. And we are only at the very beginning of an era for this phenomenon. One we can already easily call a business revolution. One thing is for sure: webinars actually work and will significantly cut costs! Just this reason alone would be enough for most business owners to join the revolution and not be left behind by the competition.

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