Using webinars for email marketing

25 September 2019 - 3 min

E-mailmarketing with WebinarGeek

If you’ve ever wandered into the world of online marketing, the first thing you’ll hear people say is 'build an email list'. It seems like more and more entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers took this advice and applied it to webinars. Webinars became a vehicle for digital business owners to now only grow traffic, but also to expand their email list. The nice thing about a webinar is targeting, the content will actually appeal to your specific audience. A lot of people that are interested in the subject matter will also be inclined to subscribe to a webinar.

But how to make a webinar that people are interested in?

Not everybody will be interested in everything. It’s a matter of selection. Choosing a suitable subject for your webinar is the first step towards a successful presentation. The subject matter should coincide with your expertise, but especially needs to add value to ‘potential’ viewers.

A webinar exists to solve problems people are facing. By sharing your experience on how you overcame problems you encountered, you will instantly add value for your audience.

JObviously, you’re the one creating the webinar. So you get to decide. Consider the things viewers might be interested in, how you can help them out. What’s the one thing your target audience is dying to learn? The more relevant the topic, the more people will subscribe to the webinar.

A relevant topic is the first step to start growing your email list

A bigger email list through social media

On Facebook or other popular social media platforms, it’s easy to promote your webinar to followers or similar audiences. Make your audience curious by providing clues about the things you’ll discuss in the webinar. Or use the principle of scarcity. Use sentences like ‘one-time webinar’, ‘don’t miss out’, ‘limited amount of seats, subscribe now!’.

To help you out, WebinarGeek provides you with the option to allow Facebook or Instagram users to subscribe directly without having to fill in any details or go to another website. Pretty neat, huh?

By combining the power of tools like WebinarGeek, Facebook Leads Gen Forms and Zapier, easy subscriptions become possible! A great way to let Facebook leads subscribe to your webinar immediately and grow your email list!

More information about Facebook Leads Gen Forms and Zapier is available here .

Use our integrations to collect emails more efficiently.

Growing your email list with WebinarGeek

Hosting your own webinar is a great way to grow your existing email lists a lot. Subscribing is only possible when providing an email, so this will expand the list pretty substantially without much effort at all.

The registration page

One of the first steps in the process of registering is (obviously) the registration page. You can customize this page to resemble your brand or website. Use a catchy title, provide a short description, add a bio and use the power of video to your advantage with a nice welcome video clip.

When you start promoting your webinar through various social media channels, you obviously want to know through which platform a user subscribed. Using special registration links for each platform, you’ll learn this valuable information in a heartbeat.

The embed form 

Apart from the registration page, you can also add a simple embed form to your website. The embed form allows visitors of your website/blog to subscribe without having to leave the site at all. The only thing you need to do is copy pasting a small piece of HTML-code on your site, and you’re all set.

Visitors will now have the ability to join your webinar without ever leaving your website at all! 

Keep collecting emails

Keep generating leads and emails after the webinar is over, by releasing the webinar content on demand. Your webinar will be available for people that are interested over and over again. When you release webinar on demand, viewers also have to subscribe through a registration page or form to attend the webinar. So you’ll keep collecting emails ‘automatically’.

Gather even more emails with on demand webinars!

Gain more from your webinar with email marketing

Collecting emails is an important aspect to profit even more from your webinars. A valuable webinar is usually lost when there are few to no participants, or when viewers aren’t converted into paying customers. But when you start using our various tools, it’ll be easy to get more results for the same amount of effort. You’ll be able to collect more emails and increase your level of success with your webinars!

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