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Heather Murray

Forbes-featured AI expert Heather Murray, proves you don't have to be tech-savvy to use the power of AI. Heather's masterclasses and courses are designed specifically for non-techies, making AI accessible to everyone.

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Introducing Terry Berends, Canva Lead for The Netherlands. With a keen interest in online marketing, entrepreneurship, and growth, Terry is eager to discuss Canva's AI tools and their potential to enhance your projects.

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WebinarGeek’s AI features

Our developers are bringing an exclusive sneak peek of upcoming AI features and will show you what’s coming next. With the evolving world of AI, WebinarGeek is committed to stay ahead by introducing new AI functionalities for your webinars

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TheFactor.e shows how to create stunning visuals in Midjourney for webinars. TheFactor.e has integrated Midjourney into their own webinars. They're excited to showcase how you can upgrade your webinars with this powerful tool.

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LA_Red Panda

Red Panda Works

Aleta serves as a B2B marketing strategist at Red Panda Works. She demonstrates strategies to increase your webinar output by repurposing content with AI tools.

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Visual storytelling with AI x webinars

Join WebinarGeek’s Creative Director Jan-Willem and Designer Anne-Fleur as they take you on a tour across generative AI tools. From images to videos, they've got you covered. Learn how to create appealing content for your webinars.

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The AI Frontier

CEO Remco van Treuren, Creative Director Jan-Willem, and Copywriter Pam will talk about how AI and webinars will change the future and how The Webinarverse plays a crucial role.

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