These are the people behind WebinarGeek

We work to make organisations more personal every day. Which face hides behind your camera?

We believe

That a webinar can be an added value to any organisation. Software may never be the reason to not start with webinars. This is why we are developing software that not only is user friendly, but is also pleasant to work with and can help being successful.

Our team

Ilya Full Stack Developer
Matthias Online Marketer
Maggie Product Designer
Dina Customer Success Manager
Remy CTO
Remco Founder, CEO
Jana Ruby Developer
Sanne Online Marketer
Caroline Content Creator
Kiki Business Booster
Stefan Growth Hacker
Daniel WebRTC Engineer
Matthijs Full Stack Developer
Jaimy Customer Success Manager
Josja Technical Support Engineer
Bryan Growth Marketer
Stanley Customer Succes Manager
Kevin Customer Support
Anouk Frontend Developer
Bouwe Full Stack Developer
Max Customer Success Manager
Arnica Technical Engineer Support
Dewi Customer Support
Jelmer Full Stack Developer
Richard Ruby developer
Pam Customer Support
Jan-Willem Content Creator
Walter Broadcast Operator

Our goal

Is to humanize organisations. To put a face on them. And to show that it is possible to be personal online. To have real interaction with customers, leads, co-workers or other stakeholders.

Our values

All decisions we make on a daily basis is to help us achieve our goals based on our principles.

01 User friendliness

We aim for simplicity in everything we do: our product, our communication, our marketing, our business model, everything. To make complex things simple is a challenge. The result is that we build webinar software that is easy for everyone to use, which is what makes us happy.

02 The visuals

The visual aspect is very important to us. The experience of our users is largely determined by our great eye for detail. It makes for recognition and consistency which contributes to the great customer experience we want to offer.

03 Long term is good

We like our short sprints to quickly release new features. But only if these benefit to our long term vision. Making organisations more human by building personal connections with their audience through live video streaming.

This long term vision impacts all the aspects of our company; building a team, deciding which features to build, the financial health of the company and which organisations we would like to help.

And of course, we just want to be able to build the best webinar software for a long time. We like long-term relationships with everyone, because saying goodbye is never easy.