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From small businesses to enterprises. From beginners to experts. WebinarGeek is the one-size-fits-all webinar platform.

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Easy to use

Organize webinars in a few steps. Webinars can be watched from any device and browser.

All types of webinars

Host your live, automated, on demand, hybrid, RTMP or paid webinars with ease.

Explore all types of webinars

Collaborate together

Invite your teammates and collaborate with co-presenters to host webinars together.

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Integrate instantly with your marketing tools

Seamlessly connect WebinarGeek with your favorite tools and 5,000+ other services to get the most out of your webinars.

Co hosting a webinar with WebinarGeek

Create and share your meaningful story

Keep in touch and engage with your audience in an instance.

Presentation slides

Import your presentation slides and share your story directly during the webinar with the side-by-side view.

Audience engagement

Let attendees send in questions and messages through the chat and answer them live directly.

Discover the interaction tools

Video sharing

Upload videos and make your online story even more compelling and inspiring, create a dynamic story.

Interactive experience

Use polls, quizzes, call to actions, or information boxes to host a dynamic online event. Engage with customers and build relationships.

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Reach your audience

Promote your story in every way possible. Be free in the way you want to build your automated flow.

Registration process

Create registration, confirmation, and count-down pages with ease in WebinarGeek. Or use your own marketing tools.

Gather results

Direct attendees to a page even after the webinar has ended. Learn from the behavior of viewers. Get more results with every webinar.

Available for everyone

Create a complete overview of all your on-demand and upcoming webinars in one convenient place with the webinar channel.

Webinar channel

Set up your mailflow

Keep in touch with subscribers with reminder emails and follow-up on your hot leads. Increase customer engagement.

Overview of webinar statistics

Grow your audience and business

Learn from your audience with every webinar. Get insights and improve your webinar strategy.

Know your audience

All the data you want in one clear overview, displayed in a visual way to obtain results. Analyze on a whole other level.

Explore all the insights you will get

Optimize your strategy

Activate the evaluation form to gather feedback from your audience and learn from them. Improve the quality of webinars.

Follow up with viewers

Discover the needs of your audience during the webinar and gather results after the webinar with follow-up emails.

Monetize webinars

Offer paid webinars for your valuable knowledge. Manage the full payment flow with WebinarGeek.

Learn more about paid webinars

Webinar platform, packed with features

Suitable from startups, to big organizations – tailored for any businesses

  • Browser based

    Organizers or viewers do not need to download any software or install anything. WebinarGeek is browser-based.

  • Branding

    Use your own logo and show your branding while giving a webinar on your own webinar page.

  • Present side-by-side

    Use a side-by-side view when you upload your presentation within WebinarGeek and manage all your slides.

  • HD+ quality

    Stream in the highest possible quality 3.2 Mbps (1080p) directly from the browser with WebinarGeek.

  • Live webinars

    Organize as many live webinars in HD+ quality as you like to connect with your audience and stream in real-time directly from your browser.

  • Automated webinars

    Broadcast a prerecorded webinar as if it is live. You can answer questions via the chat while viewers have a full live experience.

  • Hybrid webinars

    Share prerecorded videos during your live webinar. Useful for instance with product demos followed by a live Q&A.

  • On demand webinars

    Make a webinar recording 24/7 available and let your viewers decide themselves when to watch your webinar.

  • Co-presenters

    You can invite multiple co-presenters to your webinar. These presenters can participate from another location.

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