Webinar Channel

A complete overview of all your on-demand and upcoming webinars in one convenient place

Webinars in one overview

With the webinar channel, you can offer all your upcoming and on-demand webinars on the 'channel' page. It is a central place to which you can refer people.

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A perfect tool to show your on-demand and upcoming webinars on your website

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Choose which webinars you want to display on your webinar channel

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Attendees can register for your webinar channel and stay up to date with the latest webinar activities

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On demand

A channel is an ideal way to promote your on-demand webinars. It is a shame when your on-demand webinars disappear into the background. Add the on-demand webinars to your channel and offer an overview of all your content.

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Lead generation

Visitors to your channel can sign up for future updates. As soon as you have published a new webinar, they will be notified automatically.

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Embed channel

Embed your channel on your own website with all your webinars listed all-in-one place and make it accessible for your visitors.

Keep generating leads with the webinar channel

A handy overview of all your webinars, where your target group can register for all upcoming webinars.

Other features

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