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All customer activities inside Salesforce

Salesforce directly collects webinar and broadcast information, registrations, viewing data, poll votes, evaluation forms, and other activities from your viewers. All data is packaged into campaigns and actionable tasks, which makes it easy to optimize your workflow and personalize follow-ups.

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Seamless automation with Salesforce

No major manual setup is needed to get started with this feature-rich integration. Automatic data updates and creation of contacts, leads, campaigns, and tasks by just connecting to Salesforce.

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Data-driven customer communication

Communicate with your webinar campaign members based on their webinar activity. When someone subscribes to the webinar, you can automate your workflow as usual based on the subscriber and webinar data.

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Track performance with Salesforce

Create an overview of all your web-based events to see which event performed best and had the highest ROI. This overview includes data such as who attended, who canceled, and who didn’t show up to the event.

Popular use cases

Use triggers and events to get the most out of your webinars

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Overview of all subscribers in Salesforce

Subscribers transfer from WebinarGeek to Salesforce automatically. Add them to list or segments in Salesforce with all the data you collected so far.

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Detailed data from all viewers

Get a clear overview of all the people who watched your webinar with extensive statistics from WebinarGeek.

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Insights from each individual

Response to polls, quizzes, and all viewer behavior data synchronized from WebinarGeek to Salesforce.

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Discover the added value of the integration between WebinarGeek and Salesforce or one of the many other integrations.

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