Webinars for Healthcare

Webinars are the future for healthcare. Connect with other professionals in a low cost and easily accessible way.

Healthcare institutions who are already working with us:

Easy to use

Follow the easy steps of our Webinar Wizard and set up webinars in just 5 minutes. Time efficiency at its finest and low costs.

Increase your reach

Reach a big audience with webinars. Every competent professional can eagerly join in your webinar in a very accessible way. Watch the webinar, anywhere and anytime.

Exchange knowledge

A leading platform where you can interact with your potential audience – interactive tools makes sharing knowledge easy and accessible. Collect relevant information about your audience and uniquely identify them more.

Be connected with no boundaries

You can give your undivided attention. Answer the students directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

Experience the power of our webinar software

Automated webinar

Pre-record your webinar and have it unanimously approved by the compliance department. Interact with your crowd while the webinar is up and running, and to shift the full focus onto your online audience.


Work together with other dedicated professionals from their own comfort – webinars are limitless. Invite guest speaker(s) to increase the authority of your premium content. Instantly make your broadcast more powerful by contributing various expertise and perspectives from one spot that enriches the webinar.

Assessment tools

Offer accredited in-service training for health employees. With our assessment tool, you can increase the knowledge, provide tests and retain the quality high.

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