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Webinars01 March 2023 - 11 min

Email marketing; massive impact on all your webinars

Email marketing and webinar marketing go hand in hand with each other since the first day. When you are planning on creating a webinar you probably immediately think about how to get the most possible subscribers, viewers and results out of your webinar. Email marketing is the most effective way to achieve it all.

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24 February 2023 - 5 min

WebinarGeek x Rinkel: ‘Call’ to Action’

A story about how two businesses reinforce each other.

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21 February 2023 - 5 min

Webinars vs. YouTube: what's the difference?

There are companies that host or post their webinars on YouTube. And why not, right? Or does it matter? We'll explain exactly what the difference is.

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19 January 2023 - 5 min

9 Best practices for beginners to host a webinar

Whether you’re hosting a webinar for the first time or you’re an experienced pro, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the best practices for running a successful webinar.

Guy pointing and flip over with 'Masterclasses' written on it
06 September 2022 - 14 min

3 Masterclasses to become more successful with webinars

The masterclasses of WebinarGeek are all about reusing content. Now that the three masterclasses are over, it's time to list the most important information so you can easily read it back.

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02 September 2022 - 7 min

Make money while sleeping with an on demand webinar series

Generating income with a webinar series can be done completely automatically and is incredibly easy!

CEO of WebinarGeek Remco in front of American flag
21 July 2022 - 5 min

The American Dream: Dutch scale-up WebinarGeek opens office in New York City

Our Geek Caroline interviews Remco the CEO of WebinarGeek about their latest business endeavor.

Rockefeller center the outside of the new WebinarGeek office space.
01 July 2022 - 3 min

WebinarGeek announces new office in New York

The New York office supports North American business operations.

WebinarGeek CEO receives the award for best entry into US
23 May 2022 - 3 min

WebinarGeek named Best Entry into US by Netherland-America-Foundation (NAF)

The Netherland-America-Foundation (NAF) has announced that WebinarGeek has been awarded "Best Entry" into the US.