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Reliably host webinars as starting entrepeneur

per month, billed monthy
  • All standard features, plus:
  • 25 live viewers
    Up to 25 live viewers per webinar
  • Up to 4 hours streaming per webinar
  • 2 presenters

  • WebinarGeek branding
    All your public pages have a link to WebinarGeek. There is also a WebinarGeek logo present in your webinars and recordings. Emails will be sent from WebinarGeek addresses (replies will be send to you).
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    Everything you need to grow with webinars

    per month, billed annually
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    Select live viewers

  • All standard features, plus:
  • 100 to 2000 live viewers
    Up to 2000 live viewers per webinar
  • Up to 8 hours streaming per webinar
  • 4 presenters
  • 4 moderators

  • Automated webinars
    An automated webinar is a prerecorded webinar which will be broadcasted as if it is live. Viewers will experience a live webinar while watching a recording instead. You can still use the live chat and moderate your webinar. You can also automatically schedule your webinars, such as daily at 10. Then you can really sit back and relax!
  • Marketing integrations
    Integrate WebinarGeek with your favorite marketing tools such as MailChimp, Zapier, Enormail, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Autorespond, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Webinar channel
    A page for your audience where they can find a list of all your webinars. A way for your audience to opt-in to new webinars you give and to easily find and engage in your content.
  • Assessments tools
    Use your webinar for educational or training purposes and add criteria for your viewers to pass for your webinar.
  • Custom branding
    Use our easy-to-use page editor to style your registration page and emails in your own company branding.

  • Optional add-ons:
    You can purchase a premium add-on as an extra add-on to your subscription.
  • Up to 4 extra users
    Add extra users to your account, who can organize and host their own webinars.
  • Extra moderator(s)
    Add extra moderators to manage the live chat.
  • Extra co-presenter(s)
    Want to give a webinar with 6 presenters? Then purchase 2 extra co-presenters!
  • RTMP streaming
    Publish your stream via your own hard- or software via RTMP to WebinarGeek for the highest possible quality (up to 4 Mbps) and flexibility.
  • HubSpot integration
    All webinar activities of your contacts collected in one place with Hubspot.
  • Online onboarding
    Kickstart your online success via our online onboarding training, which contains 2 onboarding sessions of 1 hour each.
  • Advanced

    A complete solution for bigger companies

    Price on request
  • All premium features, plus:
  • 500 to 4000 live viewers
    Up to 4000 live viewers per webinar
  • Up to 12 hours streaming per webinar
  • 6 presenters
  • 50 moderators

  • Phone support
    We are available from 9 AM to 9 PM CET on workdays via live chat, but for quick support you can reach us via phone.
  • Success manager
    Your own contact person within WebinarGeek.
  • Departments
    Add departments to your account to create a clear overview for you and the extra users.
  • Webinar IP filtering
    Exclude viewers outside of your organisation from viewing your webinars.

  • Premium add-ons included:
  • 2 extra users
    2 extra users are included.
  • RTMP streaming
    Publish your stream via your own hard- or software via RTMP to WebinarGeek for the highest possible quality (up to 4 Mbps) and flexibility.
  • HubSpot integration
    All webinar activities of your contacts in one place in Hubspot.
  • Online onboarding
    Kickstart your online success via our online onboarding training, which contains 2 onboarding sessions of 1 hour each.

  • Optional add-ons:
    You can purchase an advanced add-on as an extra add-on to your subscription.
  • Advanced GDPR
    You will get an addendum to our standard data processing agreement. It is also optionally possible to negotiate a custom data processing agreement. Our standard one is included.
  • Unlimited extra users
    Add an unlimited number of additional users to your account
  • Extend your Premium subscription with our add-ons

    Everything you need to deliver professional webinars

    Based on a Premium annual subscription with 100 live viewers per webinar.
    Extra user
    • Collaborate together with other users
    • Host webinars simultaneously
    • Max. 4 extra users (premium)
    per user p/m, billed annually
    Extra moderator(s)
    • Add extra moderators to manage the live chat
    • Access to public, live and presenter chats
    per moderator p/m, billed annually
    Extra co-presenter(s)
    • Invite guest speakers to your webinars
    • Work together from different locations
    per presenter p/m, billed annually
    RTMP streaming
    • Stream in the highest possible quality
    • Stream via an encoder instead of the browser
    per month, billed annually
    HubSpot integration
    • Integrate WebinarGeek data with your HubSpot CRM system
    per month, billed annually
    Online onboarding
    • Getting started with webinars
    • 2 hour training by our webinar experts
    One-time payment

    Packed with features, available on every plan

    • Unlimited live webinars
      Organize as many webinars as you like to connect with your audience.
    • HD+ quality
      Stream in the highest quality at 3,2 Mbps for amazing webinars.
    • Video upload
      Upload videos for your live or on-demand webinars right to WebinarGeek.
    • Replays
      We automatically create a recording of all your live webinars. Share it with one click or download as MP4.
    • Download recordings
      Download the recording of your webinar as an MP4 file. Edit the recording and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or your own website.
    • Share presentation
      Share a presentation during your live webinar after uploading it. Control your presentation easily with your mouse or keyboard.
    • Screensharing
      Share your screen during your live webinar to host live software demos.
    • View from any browser
      Viewers can participate with any recent browser.
    • No extra software
      You do not need to install any additional software to host or participate in a webinar. Viewers also do not need to create an account.
    • Webinar series
      Connect webinars to each other and create a webinar series! This is a useful feature for e.g. the creation of a course with different lessons.
    • Embed registration
      Embed the registration form on your website to allow instant registration from your own website without leaving the page.
    • Personalized
      Send personalized emails in your own branding. A confirmation email will be sent to every subscriber, and you can also plan additional reminder and follow-up emails.
    • Measure visitor sources
      Configure unique registration links to measure the success and conversion of your campaigns.
    • Upload contacts
      Upload a .CSV file of contacts who subscribed to your webinar via another way.
    • Private and public chat
      Viewers have the ability to ask questions via the chat. This can be private or public.
    • Evaluation
      Ask viewers after your webinar about their opinion. Use this input to improve your webinars.
    • Polls
      Use polls to collect valuable information on your webinars participants.
    • Calls to action
      Persuade your viewers to take your offer or plan a follow up meeting during your webinar.
    • On demand webinars
      Publish a recording of a webinar and make it 24/7 available and let viewers decide when to watch it.
    • Video injection
      Play during your live webinar pre-recorded (YouTube) videos such as promo clips, demos or parts of your presentation.
    • Sales page
      End the webinar with a sales page which has your offer or other relevant information.
    • Paid webinars
      Connect a Stripe or Mollie account and organize paid webinars with ease.
    • Webinar statics
      Analyse the webinar with in-depth analysis from WebinarGeek.
    • Export data
      Export all data collected during your webinars in a .CSV file.
    • Quiz
      A great way to increase the involvement of your audience is through the use of quizzes. Ask a question and test the viewers' knowledge.
    • GDPR tools
      WebinarGeek is fully GDPR-proof and we also offer you the tools that come with it such as consent fields, data lookups, two-factor login and a solid Data Processing Agreement.
    • Support via live chat
      On workdays, we are available from 9.00 to 21.00 CET via live chat to answer all your questions.

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes! Definitely. The free trial is without any strings attached and automatically expires after 14 days. Organize as many webinars as you like and try all features.

    Nope! Certainly not. Payments are either monthly or annually and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

    You can pay via credit card or direct debit. To start direct debit payments you have to complete your first payment via iDEAL, Bancontact, or Sofort.

    Yes, contact us for special offers for non-profit organisations. It will be required to show your tax-free status with fiscal documents from the country of your organisation.

    Certainly! In your account you can find it under 'Privacy & Security'.

    Definitely. You can add consent fields to your registration form to make sure that people only subscribe to your mailing list after their explicit consent. We also give you the tools to perform and share data lookups.

    Your account remains accessible to you. You can access all your data collected around your webinars. It will not be possible to host a live webinar and recordings will also not be accessible for viewers anymore. After two weeks we will remove your webinars. This is in line with the GDPR to not retain data for an unnecessary long period. You can of course still activate your subscription to start hosting webinars again!

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