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Live, recordings & video
Number of viewers
From 1 to 5,000 live viewers per session.
Up to 50
Up to 1,000
Up to 5,000
Host a webinar with multiple presenters and/or invite viewers to the stage.
Viewers on stage
Invite your webinar viewers to the stage. They can use their camera and microphone, without any risk of disrupting your presentation or ending the webinar.
Amount of webinars per month
Host as many webinars as you want.
Maximum duration per session
Stream up to 12 hours per session.
Up to 2 hour
Up to 8 hours
Up to 12 hours
Live webinars
A real-time, HD+ live event with all the interaction and marketing tools you need.
Automated webinars
Stream a webinar that is broadcasted as if it is live.
Just-in-time webinars
Host an webinar that starts just-in-time! Meaning, someone can visit your registration page and register for an automated webinar that starts every 5, 10 or 15 minutes depending on your wishes.
On demand webinars
Make your recording available 24/7 and let viewers decide for themselves when they view the webinar.
Paid webinars
Connect a Stripe or Mollie account and host paid webinars with ease.
Hybrid webinars
Combine a live webinar with a pre-recorded video or presentation.
Interactive sessions
Allow all participants to join the stage at any time without needing permission.
Automatic replays
Automatically create a recording of all your live webinars. Share it with one click or download as MP4.
Custom branding
Use the easy-to-use page editor to create your registration page and emails in your company branding.
Custom webinar theme colors
Set a custom color scheme for your webinars.
Dark & light mode
You can choose a permanent theme (Dark/light mode) or give attendees the ability to change it themselves.
Virtual background
Easily personalize the background of your camera or webcam
Browser based
Viewers can participate with any browser.
HD+ quality
Stream in the highest quality at 3,2 Mbps for amazing webinars.
Studio quality/RTMP streaming
Publish your stream via your own hard- or software via RTMP to WebinarGeek for the highest possible quality (up to 4 Mbps) and flexibility.
Video upload
Upload videos for your live, automated or on demand webinars right to WebinarGeek.
Video injection
Show pre-recorded videos during your live webinar such as promo clips, demos or parts of your presentation.
Screen sharing
Sharing your screen is a great way to share visual information with your viewers.
Multiple broadcasts
Add an extra broadcast to your webinar.
Webinar series
Connect webinars to each other and create a webinar series.
Webinar channel
A page with all your webinars. Where your audience can subscribe to your webinars.
Single channel
Multiple channels
Multiple channels
Account users included
Number of users included in your account.
Maximum extra users
Add extra users to your account, who can organize and host their own webinars.
Up to 4 (add-on)
Unlimited (add-on)
Custom Domain
With a custom domain, you can host webinar pages such as the registration and webinar watch page over your own domain.
Custom CSS
Add custom CSS to your pages to give them a generic own layout. This is applied to all registration and viewing pages.
Verify own email
Send emails from your own email address.
Multiple email domains
Add multiple email domains to your account
Video page
A page to upload and host all your videos.
Test webinar
Test the technical and functional aspect of your webinar in the dry run.
Duplicate webinars
Copy the settings of an existing webinar to a new webinar.
Webinar archive
Keep your account organized and tidy. Easily archive and delete webinars.
Time zones
WebinarGeek automatically detects the correct time zones of your registration page and your channel visitors.
Two-step verification
Enable two-step login for an extra layer of security.
Help center
Full access to every help center article.
Live support
Live support available every business day.
Phone support
Special phone support for Enterprise customers.
Dedicated succes manager
Your own contact person within WebinarGeek.
Custom DPA
Our standard Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is included but with an Enterprise plan, it is also possible to get a custom DPA.
Integrations & Statistics
Native integrations
WebinarGeek offers a wide range of native integrations with popular applications, such as HubSpot, Stripe, or MailChimp.
Webhooks enables seamless communication between different software, enhancing real-time interaction and response.
Zapier integrations
Use Zapier to seamlessly connect WebinarGeek with 6,000+ tools and services you already use to get even more out of your webinars.
Integration triggers
Set triggers for your favorite marketing tools. For example, send a tag to ActiveCampaign when a viewer has watched 50% of the webinar.
Synchronize with ActiveCampaign for powerful automation. Send your own confirmation- and reminder emails.
Connect your mailing lists with your webinars to make sure all your contacts will be automatically placed on your mailing list.
Connect your forms with your webinars to make sure all your contacts will be, for instance, automatically added to your mailing list.
Connect your mailing lists with your webinars to make sure all your contacts will be automatically placed on your mailing list.
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager allows you to use your tags with WebinarGeek by installing the GTM container on all your public pages.
Place webinar registrations, viewing data, poll votes, evaluation forms, and other activities from your viewers directly into HubSpot.
Connect WebinarGeek with more than 1,000+ tools.
Synchronize your contacts with KlickTipp. Start autoresponders for your viewers.
Track your webinar conversions with the LinkedIn Insight Tag.
After each registration for your webinar, we automatically synchronize the unique viewing link and the webinar data with MailBlue.
Through the smart synchronization of data between WebinarGeek and MailChimp, you can send the registration- and reminder mails.
Meta pixel
Track your webinar conversions with the Meta pixel.
Use Mollie as a payment processor for your paid webinars
When a participant makes a payment for your webinar, an invoice is automatically created in MoneyBird. So you have your administration in one spot.
The integration allows you to automatically send registrations through your pipeline.
Manage sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Integrate seamlessly with WebinarGeek to make the most of your data.
Use stripe as a payment processor for your paid webinars
We offer a powerful REST API which allows you to create your own integration in a matter of hours.
Extensive reports
WebinarGeek provides a clear overview of the performance of all your webinars
Visitors statistics
Statistics in which you can find more information about the visitors of your webinar.
Viewer statistics
Analyse the webinar with in-depth data.
Export data
Filter and export data quickly via .CSV or PDF.
Registration page
Customize the registration page to your style.
Custom registration fields
Create custom registration and consent fields.
Embed form
With the embed form you can place the registration form directly on your website.
Custom links
Promote the webinar via different channels and measure where the registrations come from with the custom registration links.
One-click registration link
Allow people that are already on your mailing list to register for your webinar quickly.
SEO settings
You can set how the page is displayed in the search results and on social media.
Confirmation page
After someone has registered for the webinar, this person will be taken to the confirmation page. Customize the page to your style.
Countdown page
This page will show a countdown till the webinar starts. Customize the page to your style.
Customization & Presentation
Real-time editor
Customize various pages and emails, such as the registration and confirmation page in the real-time page editor.
Sales page
The sales page is a page that your viewers see after you have finished your webinar.
Webinar page
The webinar page is the page viewers get to see before and during your webinar. Customize the webinar page to your brand by adding a start and end slide.
Channel embed
Embed the webinar channel on your own website
Presentation upload
Upload your presentations as a PDF or as seperate images in WebinarGeek.
Speaker notes
Use speaker notes to support yourself during the presentation.
Language templates
Choose from English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish to create the registration page, webinar page, interactions, and emails in a specific language.
Personalize your account with an avatar.
You can set chapters in your on demand webinar, so viewers can skip to a specific chapter.
Create discounts
Set a discount code for your paid webinars.
Privacy & Security
Access requirements
Choose how viewers should register for your webinar. Your webinar is created with the selected settings (public, unlisted, private).
Consent fields
Add consent fields to the registration process of the webinar according to the GDPR legislation.
Double opt-in
Set up a double opt-in for your webinar registration.
View data
You can search for all personal data that is saved from the registrations of your webinar in your account.
Anonymize registrations
Anonymize the data for all registrations or an individual registration after your live webinar.
Block email adresses or domains
Add email addresses and/or domains to the "Blocklist".
Restrict by domain
Allow registrations from users with a specific email domain.
Restrict by IP address
Use IP address restrictions to allow only a specific group to access the webinar.
Password protection
Use a password for your webinar, your viewer is prompted to fill in the password to watch the webinar.
Add reCaptcha as extra security for your registration page.
Direct link
Use a direct link to your webinar so viewers can watch the webinar without registering.
Email statistics
Gain valuable insights into the status of each recipient (processing, delivered, opened, bounced) and track the success metrics of your emails
Confirmation mail
In the confirmation email, participants will receive their unique viewing link for the webinar.
Reminder mail
Choose how much time before the webinar you want to send an automatic reminder email.
Follow-up mail
A follow-up email is an email that is sent after the live broadcast of your webinar.
Replay mails
The replay email is sent after the live broadcast of your webinar with a link to the replay.
Evaluation reminder mail
Remind participants to complete the evaluation form.
Payment reminder mail
Send a reminder email to registrants that haven’t paid for your webinar yet.
Share result
Share the results of the assessment with your attendees.
Email customization
Change the content and look of the email to match your branding.
Email scheduling
Set the moment at which you want the email to be sent.
Moderators included
Manage all the incoming questions, using a moderator.
Advanced moderator dashboard
The advanced moderator dashboard ensures easier cooperation between multiple moderators.
Assign chat
To work with multiple moderators and to easily manage chat conversations, you can set up automation rules.
Active speaker
The active speaker option makes it possible to automate the switch between presenters.
Add workspaces to your account to create a clear overview for you and the extra users.
Chat & interaction
Public chat
Conversations are visible to all viewers and messages can be sent by all viewers.
Private chat
Use the private chat for a one-on-one conversation.
Get the opinion of your viewers through a poll.
Make online learning interactive, engaging and fun with a quiz.
Trigger the viewers to take action with a call-to-action.
Information box
Give the viewers extra information during the webinar.
Use your webinar for educational and training purposes with the assessment.
Evaluation form
Easily collect feedback after the webinar.
Schedule interactions
Plan interactions for automated and on demand webinars beforehand.
Forward chat to email
Receive all incoming chats by email.
Simulated chat
Add an extra dimension to your on demand or automated webinar by simulating chat messages.
Chat automation
Convert your live webinar to an automated or on demand webinar. The messages from the live recording will be repeated.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Definitely. The free trial is without any strings attached and automatically expires after 14 days. Organize as many webinars as you like and try all features.

Nope! Certainly not. Payments are either monthly or annually and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.

You can pay via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JDC, Discover) or direct debit. To start direct debit payments, you have to complete your first payment via iDEAL, Bancontact, or Sofort.

Yes, contact us for special offers for non-profit organisations. It will be required to show your tax-free status with fiscal documents from the country of your organisation.

Certainly! In your account you can find it under 'Privacy & Security'.

Definitely. You can add consent fields to your registration form to make sure that people only subscribe to your mailing list after their explicit consent. We also give you the tools to perform and share data lookups.

Your account remains accessible to you. You can access all your data collected around your webinars. It will not be possible to host a live webinar and recordings will also not be accessible for viewers anymore. After two weeks we will remove your webinars. This is in line with the GDPR to not retain data for an unnecessary long period. You can of course still activate your subscription to start hosting webinars again!

We understand your needs and that's why we offer a 'pause' subscription for a small fee. You can still access your account and we will keep your webinars, statistics, and much more safe!

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