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The most comprehensive webinar features can be found at WebinarGeek! Discover which features are included in the plans.

Live, recordings & video

  • Live Webinars

    Organize as many live webinars in HD+ quality as you like to connect with your audience and stream in real-time directly from your browser.

  • Automated Webinars

    Broadcast a prerecorded webinar as if it is live. You can answer questions via the chat while viewers have a full live experience.

  • Hybrid Webinars

    Share prerecorded videos during your live webinar. Useful for instance with product demos followed by a live Q&A.

  • On-Demand Webinars

    Make a webinar recording 24/7 available and let your viewers decide themselves when to watch your webinar.

  • Paid Webinars

    Ask your viewers for a payment to participate in a webinar and earn money immediately with your valuable knowledge.

  • Browser-based

    Organizers or viewers do not need to download any software or install anything. WebinarGeek is browser-based.

  • RTMP Streaming

    With RTMP streaming you can stream with a higher bitrate than the browser allows. You also have more control over what is part of the stream.

  • Video Upload

    The upload feature can be used to upload almost every video file from your computer right into WebinarGeek. Use the videos in or as a webinar.

  • Screen Sharing

    Sharing your screen is a great way to show visual information to your viewers. You can even do this side by side or let your viewers share their screen.

  • Flexible Interface

    Choose from various layouts during a live webinar. For example, show a slide bigger on the screen, all the speakers at the same time, or only the active speaker.

  • Multiple Webinars

    With extra users, you can run multiple webinars at once. This allows you to host several webinars at the same time for your audience.

  • Multiple Broadcasts

    Planning on hosting a webinar you’d like to repeat multiple times? Adding an extra broadcast to your webinar is easy.

  • Webinar Series

    Link webinars together to create a webinar series. This is a useful feature if, for example, you want to create a course with different classes.

  • Reuse live recordings

    Use a live webinar recording and convert it into an automated or on-demand webinar. This way your valuable information will not be lost.

  • Automatic Replays

    Your webinar will be recorded automatically. Handy so that those who missed your webinar can watch it again.

  • Limited Availability

    Set a limited availability. Select the time period for which the on-demand webinar should be available.

  • Limited Viewing Time

    Prevent multiple people from viewing the on-demand webinar with a single registration. Set a maximum (%) watch time.

  • Replay Availability

    Indicate when you want to make the replay available after the live webinar. Easily set up a certain data and time.

  • HD+ Quality

    Stream in the highest possible quality 3.2 Mbps (1080p) directly from the browser with WebinarGeek.

  • Branding

    Use your own logo and show your branding while giving a webinar on your own webinar page.

  • Icons

    Stand out from the crowd and upload an icon to show in the mobile streaming app and browser as a favicon.

  • System check

    Check if your sound and camera work well and see how you look before you enter the streaming page.

  • Technical settings

    Changing your camera and microphone is always possible, even when you're already live. You can also use it to switch between cameras.

  • Sidebar

    You and your viewers can resize the sidebar in the live environment. This way, you can modify the webinar page to our own preference.

  • Disable/enable camera

    Do you want the focus on your slides, or tell a personal story? Decide if you want to be on screen by simply switching your camera on or off.

  • Disable/enable sound

    Easily disable or enable your microphone if you want to be on screen but don't want to be heard. Great for co-presenting with multiple presenters.

  • Dark/light theme

    Dark mode or light mode? Choose the theme you prefer! Set if viewers can switch between the themes or choose the theme for them.

  • Webinar sounds

    You get notified whenever your webinar starts and ends, and when a presenter joins and leaves the webinar.

  • Virtual background

    Make your webinars even more visually appealing and engaging. Get creative and set a virtual background and upload your own.

  • Floating tile layout

    Choose where you want to position your camera within the webinar video. Place the camera input on top of your presentation in corner of your screen.

  • Video playback settings

    Give your viewers the best experience and enable the playback speed of your webinar replay or for your on demand webinar.

  • Raise hand

    Let attendees raise their hand when they want to be invited on stage or ask a question and use it as a poll function.


  • From 1 to 5000 viewers

    Host an unlimited number of webinars from 1 to 5000 viewers depending on your plan. Upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at any time.

  • Custom Domain

    With a custom domain, you can host webinar pages such as the registration and webinar watch page over your own domain.

  • Webinar Channel

    The channel is a page where your audience can find a list of your upcoming and on-demand webinars. Create multiple channels and apply your own style.

  • Video Page

    Your own video collection where you can neatly find and organize all your video content. This is the place to upload all your content.

  • Webinar Testing

    The dry run is intended to check everything technically and functionally and to be able to test your webinar yourself. This way you can start your real webinar with confidence.

  • Duplicate Webinars

    Setting up your first webinar may take some time, but it doesn't have to be for your next webinars. You can copy the settings of an existing webinar to a new webinar.

  • Webinar Filtering

    In your account you will find an overview of all your webinars. Perfect for filtering your webinars.

  • Webinar Archive

    With this option you’re able to keep your account organized and tidy. It’s possible to archive and delete webinars.

  • Time Zones

    WebinarGeek automatically detects the correct time zones of your registration page and your channel visitors!

  • Two-step Verification

    Add two-step verification login to your WebinarGeek account to protect your data and webinars. Enable two-step login for an extra layer of security.

  • Help Center

    In the help center, you will find extensive articles sorted by category which will help you on your way to giving successful webinars.

  • Premium Chat Support

    Are you stuck or have any other questions related to webinars? Our chat is the #1 rated support and is available every business day.

  • Phone Support

    We are available from 9 AM to 9 PM CET on workdays via the live chat, but for quick support, you can reach us by phone.

  • Success manager

    Your own contact person within WebinarGeek. They do everything to help you take your webinars to the next level.

  • Custom DPA

    Our standard Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is included but with an advanced plan, it is also possible to get a custom DPA.

Integrations & Statistics

  • Native Integrations

    WebinarGeek offers a wide range of native integrations with popular applications, such as HubSpot or MailChimp. Easily connect WebinarGeek to the marketing tools you already use.

  • Zapier Integrations

    Use Zapier to seamlessly connect WebinarGeek with 6,000+ tools and services you already use to get even more out of your webinars.

  • Integration Triggers

    Set triggers for your favorite marketing tools. For example, send a tag to ActiveCampaign when a viewer has watched 50% of the webinar.

  • ActiveCampaign

    Synchronize with ActiveCampaign for powerful automation. Send your own confirmation- and reminder emails.

  • Autorespond

    Connect your mailing lists with your webinars to make sure all your contact will be automatically placed on your mailing list.

  • Converkit

    Connect your forms with your webinars to make sure all your contacts will for instance automatically be added to your mailing list.

  • Enormail

    Connect your mailing lists with your webinars to make sure all your contacts will be automatically placed on your mailing list.

  • Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager allows you to use your tags with WebinarGeek by installing the GTM container on all your public pages.

  • HubSpot

    For premium plans available as an add-on.

    Place webinar registrations, viewing data, poll votes, evaluation forms, and other activities from your viewers directly into HubSpot.

  • Integrately

    Seamlessly connect Integrately to simplify workflows, automate tasks, and improve productivity to optimize the effectiveness of your webinars.

  • KlickTipp

    Integrate KlickTipp for newsletter, text message and marketing automation. Deliver exceptional user experience and revolutionizing productivity.

  • LinkedIn

    Are you using LinkedIn ads to promote your webinars? With only one click you install the Insight Tag and you can start measuring!

  • MailBlue

    After each registration for your webinar, we automatically synchronize the unique viewing link and the webinar data with MailBlue.

  • MailChimp

    Through the smart synchronization of data between WebinarGeek and MailChimp, you can send the registration- and reminder mails.

  • Meta Pixel

    Are you using Meta ads to promote your webinars? With only one click you install Meta Pixel and we take care of the rest.

  • MoneyBird

    When a participant makes a payment for your webinar, we automatically create an invoice in MoneyBird. So you have your administration in one spot.

  • Pipedrive

    Pipedrive is software that allows you to manage your sales pipeline. The integration allows you to automatically send registrations through that pipeline.

  • Salesforce

    For premium plans available as an add-on.

    Manage sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Integrate seamlessly with WebinarGeek to make the most of your data.

  • Extensive Reports

    WebinarGeek provides a clear overview of the performance of all your webinars. This way you can see at a glance how your webinars are performing and what you can improve for your next webinar.

  • Visitor Statistics

    Statistics in which you can find more information about the visitors of your webinar. Where do they come from? Which registration link works best? You will receive an immediate answer to these questions!

  • Viewer Statistics

    The viewer statistics help you to optimize your webinars. Learn how the viewers behaved and interacted during the webinar. Read back the chat messages and evaluate. All the statistics you need are present!

  • Interaction Results

    You’ll find an overview of the interactions you used during the webinar, such as polls or the quiz. You can even view all the results at an individual level.

  • Assessment Results

    See who took your assessment and who passed or failed your assessment. Check what percentage of the viewers have passed or failed.

  • Export Data

    Improve your personal success by analyzing your webinar data! With WebinarGeek you're able to filter and export meaningful data quickly via .CSV or PDF.

  • Viewer Limit Statistics

    If more viewers wanted to watch your webinar than your viewer limit allowed, you'll see in the statistics who couldn't enter. Send them the replay afterwards.

  • Webhooks

    Connect WebinarGeek with webhooks. Configure different events and create powerful automations.


  • Registration Page

    The registration page and confirmation page can be adapted to your style and branding. The first step in the registration process is the registration page.

  • Registration Fields

    The (custom) registration and consent fields together make up the registration form. With these fields, you collect the necessary information of someone who registers.

  • Embed Form

    With the embed form you can place the registration form directly on your website. Visitors of your website can register immediately, without leaving your website.

  • Custom Links

    Promote the webinar via different channels and measure where the registrations come from with the custom registration links.

  • One-click reg. link

    One-click registration links are an advanced way to allow people that are already on your mailing list to register for your webinar quickly.

  • Import Contacts

    Easily import contacts to register them for your webinar. The contacts will receive an email with the unique viewing link for the webinar.

  • Meta data

    Optimize your registration page with the meta title and description. You can set how the page is displayed in the search results and on social media.

  • Confirmation Page

    After someone has registered for the webinar, this person will be taken to the confirmation page. Style the page to your branding.

  • Countdown Page

    Before the webinars start attendees will be on the countdown page. This page will show a countdown till the webinar starts. Style the page to match your branding.

  • Limit Registrations

    Limit the number of registrations for the webinar. After the maximum number of registrations has been reached, those who are interested will be notified that the webinar is full.

  • Limit Viewers

    Limit the number of viewers. Once the maximum number of viewers has been reached, registrants attempting to log in will be notified that the webinar is full.

  • Limit visible broadcasts 

    Limit the number of broadcasts you show on the registration page. Manage and coordinate your registrations by giving a shorter lead time.

  • Social Media Sharing

    Get more registrations for your webinar by sharing it on social media. Share your webinars directly on social media with one click.

  • Set entry time to webinar

    Set a time to open the webinar watch page. Activate the chat to create an interactive experience before the start or allow entrance right at the beginning.

  • Send link only per email

    Make sure people sign up with their real email address and send the viewing link only per email. Decrease the bounce rate for your mailings.

Customization & presentation

  • Realtime Editor

    You can change various pages and emails, such as the registration and confirmation page, to your own style in the convenient real-time page editor.

  • Sales Page

    The sales page is a page that your viewers see after you have finished your webinar. Here you can share information about your product/service and make an unique offer.

  • Webinar Page

    The webinar page is the page viewers get to see before and during your webinar. Customize the webinar page to your brand by adding a start and end slide.

  • Custom Channel Embed

    You can choose which webinars you want to put on your channel. A separate channel for your on-demand webinars or just place only the upcoming webinars.

  • Presentation Upload

    Use PowerPoint or other programs and upload your presentation in WebinarGeek so that you have your presentation directly at hand.

  • Speaker Notes

    You can use speaker notes to support yourself during the presentation. These notes remind you of keywords or points that you want to mention.

  • Use your own videos

    Upload an external video for your automated or on-demand webinar. Or use them during your live webinar. With the video upload or YouTube, you can use your own pre-recorded videos.

  • Share Youtube Videos

    Make use of YouTube videos during the webinar. Add the video URL and show, a testimonial, play a product demo or display whatever video you like.

  • Language Templates

    Choose from English, Dutch, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazillian) and create pages, interactions, and emails in a specific language.

  • Avatar

    Apart from your username, you can also set a personalized image for your account to customize your appearance even further.

  • Chapters

    You can set chapters in your on-demand webinar, so viewers can skip to a specific chapter in your on-demand webinar.

  • Create Discounts

    Set a discount code for your paid webinars! This can be an amount or percentage with a unique code per discount.

  • Create and publish

    Publish your webinar directly when you want to test something quickly without customizing. You can always customize your webinar later.

  • Create and customize

    Customize your webinar to your own corporate branding directly after creating it. Publish the webinar in a few clicks after it’s all set.

  • Custom CSS

    Add custom CSS to your pages to give them your generic own layout. Host webinars fully in your own branding and make a great impression.

  • Custom theme colors

    Set what colors the streaming page has and give webinars completely in your own branding.


  • Access Requirements

    When creating a webinar, you can easily choose how viewers should register for your webinar. Your webinar is created with the chosen settings (public, unlisted, private).

  • Consent Fields

    Add consent fields to the registration process of the webinar according to the GDPR legislation. Make this fields mandatory and link them to an external privacy policy.

  • View Data

    You can search for all personal data that we save from the registrations of your webinar in your account. A registrant can request their data so that you can easily share it.

  • Double Opt-in

    Set up a double opt-in for your webinar registration. This means that the subscribers of your webinar need to verify their email addresses before they are registered for the webinar.

  • Anonymize Registrations

    You can anonymize the data for all registrations or an individual registration after your live webinar. Anonymising means all personal data is made anonymous.

  • Restrict by domain

    Choose to only allow registrations from users with a specific email domain. This way you keep unwanted viewers out of the webinar.

  • Restrict by IP address

    Use IP address restrictions to allow only a specific group to access the webinar. This way, unwanted viewers cannot access the webinar.

  • Password Protection

    Use a password for your webinar, your viewer is prompted to fill in the password to watch the webinar. They can't watch the webinar without filling in the password.

  • ReCaptcha

    Many spammers for your webinar? This can be really annoying, but don't worry! You can add reCaptcha as extra security for your registration page.

  • Direct Link

    Use a direct link to your webinar so viewers can watch the webinar without registering. Via the link viewers will immediately be taken to the next or current broadcast.

  • Block IP & email addresses

    Block competitors from subscribing to your webinar. Secure your webinar and deny access to certain IPs or email addresses.


  • Confirmation Email

    The confirmation email is always scheduled and is sent immediately after someone has registered. In the confirmation email, participants will receive their unique viewing link for the webinar.

  • Reminder Email

    A reminder email is an email that is automatically sent before the live webinar starts. You can choose how much time before the webinar you want to send the reminder email automatically.

  • Follow-up Email

    A follow-up email is an email that is sent after the live broadcast of your webinar. In this email you can, for example, thank your viewers for participating in your webinar and make them an offer.

  • Replay Email

    The replay email is sent after the live broadcast of your webinar with a link to the replay. Viewers and non-viewers can watch the replay with the link.

  • Evaluation reminder email

    Remind participants of your webinar that they have not yet completed the evaluation form. The evaluation reminder email is sent after the live broadcast.

  • Payment reminder email

    You can send a reminder email to registrants that haven’t paid for your webinar yet. Very handy to collect even more payments for your webinar!

  • Share Results

    If you have taken a test during the webinar, you can email the result. Share the results of the assessment with your participants.

  • Email Customization

    Change the content and look of the email to match your corporate identity. Edit this any moment and your progress will be automatically saved.

  • Email Scheduling

    Set the moment at which you want the email to be sent. For example, you can choose how much time after the webinar you send the follow-up mail.

  • Verify own email

    Send emails from your own email address. Add DKIM records to send e-mails from your own domain name.

  • Multiple email domains

    Send emails from multiple domains with ease! Verify the emails and manage multiple domains in one convenient place.

  • E-mail statistics

    See how your e-mail is received, opened, or if it was bounced. Edit the subject line for a better opening rate when needed.

  • Countdown in email

    Boost your conversion rates by adding a countdown to your emails. Create a sense of urgency and encourage receivers to take action.

  • Video in email

    Capture attention with a video in an email. Introduce the presenters or include a snippet from a previous webinar.


  • Webinar Roles

    Add multiple users to your webinar so you can divide the work. Invite a co-presenter to present or invite a moderator who can manage the chat.

  • Co-presenters

    You can invite up to 15 other co-presenters to your webinar. These presenters can participate from another location.

  • Moderators

    In order to manage all the incoming questions, using a moderator can be the perfect solution. You can add multiple moderators to your webinar.

  • Custom team members

    Customize the role of a webinar team member. A moderator can start interactions? Or a co-presenter that can’t see the attendee list? It’s all possible.

  • Active Speaker

    The active speaker option makes it possible to automate the switch between presenters. Whoever is speaking will be in view.

  • Advanced Dashboard

    The advanced moderator dashboard ensures easier cooperation between multiple moderators, especially in webinars with a lot of viewers.

  • Assign Chat

    To work with multiple moderators and to easily manage chat conversations, you can set up automation rules.

  • Workspaces

    Add departments to your account to make it even more orderly for you and the rest of the users. You can add multiple departments.

  • Grid layout

    Host webinars with multiple presenters on screen at the same time. Perfect for table discussions for example. You pick which layout suits as best.

  • Internal webinar titels

    Keep your webinar overview clean and tidy. Set internal titles to put your webinars in categories for internal use.

Chat & interaction

  • Public Chat

    In the public chat, conversations are visible to all viewers and messages can be sent by all participants. Everyone is able to join the conversation.

  • Private Chat

    Use the private chat for a one-on-one conversation. This is a conversation between the viewer and the host (or moderator).

  • Invite attendee on stage

    Engage and interact with viewers like never before and invite up to 16 attendees to the stage. Great for live Q&A’s, table discussions and workshops.

  • Polls

    Get the opinion of your viewers through a poll. A great way to increase the involvement of your audience is via the use of polls and statements.

  • Quiz

    Make online learning interactive, engaging and fun. With the quiz option you have the possibility to create and give interactive lessons.

  • Call To Action

    Trigger your viewer to take action with a “call to action”. Incite them, for example, to take advantage of a unique offer or to register for the next webinar.

  • Information Box

    With the information box you give the viewer extra information during the webinar, no further action can be taken with this.

  • Assessment

    Use your webinar for educational and training purposes with the assessment. Choose the assessment criteria that participants must meet.

  • Evaluation Form

    The evaluation form is a handy tool that allows you to receive input and feedback from viewers who have watched your webinar.

  • Schedule Interactions

    Plan interactions for automated and on-demand webinars beforehand. Handy when you want to gather valuable insights about your audience.

  • Forward chat to email

    If you want to receive all incoming chats by email, you can set this up. Use this option, for example, during an automated webinar.

  • Simulated Chat

    Add an extra dimension to your on demand or automated webinar by simulating chat messages. Add the messages in advance to your webinar.

  • Chat Automation

    Copy the live chat when converting your live webinar to an automated or on-demand webinar. The messages from the live recording will be repeated.

  • Remove chats

    Did a viewer send an inappropriate message? Remove the chat before anyone can see it. Keep your chat clean and friendly.

  • Ban viewers

    Easily ban viewers for your webinars, such as the competitor or a viewer who spams the chat with inappropriate messages.

  • Emoticon picker

    Choose from a variety of emoticons to express your reactions and emotions, making it easier to connect with others during your webinars.

  • Reply to chat messages

    Easily respond to chat messages with just a click. Directly reply to messages in the public chat to answer questions from viewers.

  • Share poll & quiz results

    Show the results of passed polls and quizzes later in the webinar to give more context.

  • Pin chat message

    Pin an important chat message at the top of the public chat. Great for announcements and to start the conversation.

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