Use webinars for Internal communication

Connect with your coworkers from any location or device for internal communication.

Easy to use

Reaching your entire audience in just one go, in a very easy way. You may now be thinking: "but isn't it very difficult to make a webinar?" The answer to that question is very simple: "no!" Our software is designed in such a way that it is easy to use for everyone.

Thanks to the intuitive process, you can create your own webinar in an instant with all the parts you want to use!

Onboarding new employees

Easily take large(r) groups of new employees through your onboaring process in just one go. Introduce them to the systems you use, take them through the house rules and other matters that are important to every employee who starts to work for you.

Collect feedback

Get to know your employees. Not everyone has the possibility to immediately provide feedback about certain workflows or processes in the organization. With a webinar and interactions such as the poll, you can easily measure the satisfaction of your employees and collect feedback about company workflows.

Make webinars part of the internal communication

Handy statistics

A webinar makes it possible to broadcast a structured video message to all employees of your company. See exactly who watched your webinar, how long that person watched and who actively participated.


Even if a number of employees are unable to be present at the time of broadcast, you can easily make a replay available so that they still don't have to miss your message.


With handy interaction options such as polls and even quizzes, it is easy to keep the attention of all the viewers. You will see the results immediately, and the extensive statistics give you a clear overview of the reactions and answers given.

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