Webinars for Government

With webinars, you can streamline the information and training process and improve interaction with the public.

Government institutions who are already working with us:

Engage with the public

User experience is a forever growing concern for state and local governments. Improving the interaction with citizens and other stakeholders has become a priority for government officials. We can bridge this problem with webinars.

Increase your reach

With webinars you have a large reach, every potential viewer can participate in your webinar. Participation in a webinar is easily accessible, you can watch a webinar anywhere, anytime. Moreover, you are no longer tied to all costs that a physical event entails, such as the organizational costs.

Low maintenance

Because you can reuse webinars, it is ideal for training purposes. With an on-demand webinar strategy, setting up is a one-off. Ideal for training staff and maintaining quality throughout the organization.

Be connected with no boundaries

You can give your undivided attention to the viewer. Answer the viewers directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

Experience the power of our webinar software

Assessment tools

Do you want to test the public or your staffs’ knowledge and where you can improve a specific program? Use our well-designed assessment tool and collect data in the easiest way possible.


Use weekly or monthly Q&A sessions on a specific topic for the public or for the staff. With the collected data you can find out where the pain points are and where further development is needed.


WebinarGeek is completely GDPR proof. We naturally offer the tools that go with it, such as permission fields, data viewing, two-step verification, and a processing agreement. We give GDPR proof our highest priority.

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