Paid webinar

Use the Stripe or Mollie Integration to monetize your webinars and expertise.

What are paid webinars?

You share valuable content with the viewers of your webinar. So why not ask for a fee? Use paid webinars to emphasize the added value of your content and expertise even more.

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Get the right compensation for your valuable content

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Keep earning money without extra effort with automated paid webinars

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Use the Stripe or Mollie integration to sell your content

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Types of webinars

Live and automated

Hosting a webinar on a specific date makes the session valuable. A webinar with limited availability is a great way to have people pay for your content."

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On demand webinars

With an on-demand webinar, your viewer decides when to watch. Repurpose content, keep collecting leads and automate follow-up. By making an on demand webinar paid, you make money without effort! 

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Webinar series

It is easy for your customers to pay for courses. Choose whether you want to give them access to all broadcasts with 1 payment or have them pay per broadcast.

Make money easily with paid webinars

People are willing to pay for something that is valuable, and so for your webinar! Offer your content for what you think it's worth and earn money by sharing your knowledge.

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