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Webinars as an online event for the government

As a diverse AV company, MWEE is a well-known and reliable partner of the government. They realize a wide range of online events. In this success story you can read how they do that.

How the KNVB informs football clubs with webinars

The KNVB keeps board members of associations involved by helping them to inform their members through webinars.

Give customers undivided attention and make them happier

For AFAS webinars are the ideal tool to help existing customers to maximize the use of their software and become more satisfied. The software is demonstrated during the webinars to inspire the users of all the possibilities.

How the ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland provides study choices online

Webinars are helping education institutions, like ROC van Amsterdam - Flevoland, provide study choice information.

Reach potential customers through webinars

Through the use of webinars you can simply reach more potential customers in the same moment. A sales pitch with extra opportunities and no travel time at all!

Sharing valuable knowledge through paid webinars successfully

With webinars it’s possible to quickly respond to current events and inform customers on short term.

Get new customers fast on track with online demo’s through webinars

During the online software demo’s Autorespond helps new customers to quickly become successful with their marketing tools.

Transferring knowledge simply and easily

Webinars make it easy to share knowledge with customers in an accessible way.

How a virtual pub quiz created a community during the lockdown.

An online pub quiz, set up by Richard from for a few people, has now turned into a phenomenon with 500+ live viewers.

Reaching colleagues with refresher courses via webinars

You can easily reach your colleagues via webinars. It is a unique and accessible way to transfer knowledge.

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