Automated webinar

Creating automated webinars has never been easier. Choose the software does the work for you.

A prerecorded video that appears "live"

An automated webinar broadcasts at a specific date and time. Deliver your best presentation without the stress of performing live. Viewers won't know the difference!

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Hosting webinars is possible even off working hours

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Broadcast webinars at ease when you don’t have a suitable internet connection

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Host webinars even when you don’t want to present at that time

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Automated webinar

Event automation

With automated webinars, you can prepare and fine-tune your presentation in advance. Indicate when the automated webinar will be broadcasted and have full insight into all the statistics that are collected during registration and the webinar itself.

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Start just in time

Create a one-time, recurring or just-in-time event where you show your automated webinar at a specific time and day of the week. A just-in-time webinars always start exactly when a visitor arrives at your registration page.

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Setup interactions

During an automated webinar, you can use the same interaction options as during a live event. It is even possible to schedule interactions in advance for the automated webinars.

Ready to focus on the viewers?

You can give your undivided attention to the viewer. Answer the viewers directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

Other features

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