Webinars for HR professionals

It doesn't take long to reach your target audience. With WebinarGeek you can quickly and effectively reach hundreds of contacts without losing the personal touch.

Professionals who are already working with us:

Spread information

Reach a large audience in a short time. With webinars, you can reach 2000 people at once. Distribute information internally, unambiguously and at the same time.

Work efficiently

Follow the easy steps of our Webinar Wizard and set up webinars in just 5 minutes. Time efficiency at its finest and low costs.

Digital possibilities with webinars

A leading platform where you can communicate with your audience - interactive tools makes knowledge sharing easy and accessible. Collect relevant information about your target group and analyze data in a unique way.

Be connected with no boundaries

You can give your undivided attention. Answer the students directly in the live chat or use the other interaction tools.

Experience the power of our webinar software


WebinarGeek works entirely in the browser. This makes our tool so accessible. No installations, just simply view the webinar from any browser.

Fully Internal

Limit registrations at the domain level, so that only people from your organization can participate in the webinar. Do you want to go one step further? Enable IP restrictions, so that only viewers on your network can follow the webinar.


WebinarGeek is completely GDPR proof. We naturally offer the tools that go with it, like permission fields, data viewing, two-step verification, and a processing agreement. GDPR proof is our highest priority.

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