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Sora x WebinarGeek

Sora AI - technology revolutionizing video creation

27 February 2024 - 5 min

A new player is stepping onto the stage of video creation with a promise of innovation and convenience. Sora AI vows to revolutionize the way videos are made and utilized.

Canva x WebinarGeek

Upgrade your webinars with Canva's AI generator

27 February 2024 - 7 min

This is how Canva's AI generator can assist you in creating professional visual content for your next presentation.

Astrid with Runway ML logo x WebinarGeek

Create webinar content with Runway ML

20 February 2024 - 6 min

Are you looking for a way to take your online presentations to the next level? We've got the tool for you: Runway ML. With this powerful software, you can effortlessly create impressive content to engage your audience.

AI Hackathon hands with keyboard

A recap of the first AI hackathon

20 February 2024 - 5 min

WebinarGeek's first AI hackathon is a fact. We explored the options on how AI can improve your webinars. This is what to expect.

Tarek from Growth Tribe smiling at the camera

Webinar: ChatGPT for upskilling by Growth Tribe

26 January 2024 - 2 min

Learn new skills with ChatGPT. Join this webinar with Growth Tribe and learn how to become a digital marketing expert.

man showing the title of the video

How to use AI to create your webinars

26 January 2024 - 2 min

Create webinars faster with AI! Learn the quick process all in under 10 minutes.

Man with Pictory AI logo and text

Webinar: create short-form videos by Pictory

26 January 2024 - 2 min

In this webinar, Pictory AI will walk you through all the amazing things you can do with the AI tool. Sign up now and see how you can use it yourself.

Woman next to Decktopus AI logo and text

Webinar: professional slides with Decktopus AI

26 January 2024 - 2 min

Decktopus AI is a tool that lets you create a fully formatted presentation with just a simple prompt. Sign up now and see how it can assist you in preparing for your webinar.

person showing a dollar bill

How to create a side hustle with webinars and AI

26 January 2024 - 2 min

Earn money with webinars using AI. Learn to create a paid on-demand webinar in minutes.