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How to save time with AI and webinars for content creation

Pam - WebinarGeek


05 July 2024 - 5 min

From a webinar to a content plan

Organizing a webinar takes time. Finding the right topic, arranging speakers, making presentations, running tests, and then the promotion—it can be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s a way to ensure your efforts aren’t wasted: repurposing your content. Aleta from Red Panda Works explained everything about it during The Webinarverse.

Let’s look at how to set up an efficient content strategy using AI and webinars.

From webinar to content factory

Instead of seeing a webinar as an endpoint, think of it as a starting point. A webinar contains valuable information that you can turn into different types of content. Here’s a step-by-step approach to do this:

1. Transcription and translation - use tools like Whisper AI or Happy Scribe to transcribe your webinar. This gives you a written version of your webinar that you can easily edit and translate.

2. Creating blog posts - take the transcription and turn it into a detailed blog post. This can be easily done with an AI tool like ChatGPT or Jasper AI. These tools help you quickly create a professional-looking blog post.

3. Social media content - cut your webinar into short video clips using Opus Clip. These clips are perfect for social media posts. Add subtitles with Happy Scribe to make them more accessible.

4. Email campaigns and newsletters - use parts of your blog or video clips in email campaigns and newsletters. This keeps your audience engaged and extends reach.

5. Guest blogs and PR - share your content with partner companies or use it for PR purposes. This increases your visibility and network.

Useful AI tools for content creation

Several AI tools can help you repurpose your webinar content:

  • Whisper AI: for transcribing your webinars.

  • Happy Scribe: for both transcriptions and translations.

  • Jasper AI: for creating blogs and other textual content.

  • Opus Clips: for creating video clips.

  • Metricool: for planning and publishing your content across different channels.

The importance of personalization

While AI tools are great for quickly creating content, a human touch is still important. Always have someone review and adjust the generated content to ensure it aligns with your brand and message.

Measuring effectiveness

How do you measure the effectiveness of your content repurposing strategy? Compare the amount of time and money you save versus creating content from scratch. Also, look at engagement metrics like impressions and interactions on social media. This gives you a good idea of the ROI of your content.


Webinars are a valuable source of knowledge and interaction. A treasure trove of content you can repurpose. With the help of AI tools, you can quickly and efficiently turn this content into blogs, social media posts, email campaigns, and more.

Start repurposing your webinars today and see how you can save time and resources while expanding your reach.

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