Use webinars for Product demos

Host product demo webinars to qualify leads, onboard customers and accelerate your sales process.

Get to know your audience

In an effective product demo, you want to highlight features and selling points relevant to your audience.

WebinarGeek offers the ability to add extra registration fields which can be used to gather more information before the start of the webinar.

For example, their company, position, branche or questions. Use this information to emphasize key points that will resonate with your future customer.

Efficiency is the key

So WebinarGeek is an effective tool for product demos. You might think that creating a webinar is time-consuming and difficult. However, this is not the case with WebinarGeek, using our intuitive interface and our extensive help center will set you up in no time.

Reach more people

With webinars you will be able to reach a large audience from the comforts of your home or office. You can demonstrate your product to multiple future customers without scaling your sales team. With WebinarGeek you can give demos to up to 4000 viewers.

Host product demos via webinars

Interact with viewers

Make use of polls and quizzes during the webinar. Not only will this keep your audience engaged it will also provide you with more information about your future customers.


Co-presenters can join your webinar from different locations. Have a colleague or expert explain some of the benefits or functionalities of your product. You can have up to three presenters.

Share videos or your screen

Use videos or screen sharing to add more depth to your webinars. Share your application, show testimonials, or just stream how-to videos.

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