How 3 goals were reached by 1 tool

Graniten Group produces packaging machines in the pharmaceutical industry and is also active in automation in healthcare. We were curious, why would such a company host webinars?

Our Creative Director Jan-Willem met with Sara, the Talent and Marketing Manager of Graniten from Sweden to record a success story.

Graniten's customers come from all over the world, but mainly from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. The main purpose of webinars is to showcase and sell machines they produce to their target audience. In addition, they use webinars as a tool for recruitment. 

3 goals, 1 tool

There are three sub-goals to which the webinars contribute. Sara: ''Customers need to know about us, find value and trust us. Webinars are the perfect marketing tool, they contribute to all three goals.'' During the webinars, they showcase their products and their expertise. By showing how they solve pain points their customers have, they build trust with (potential) customers

It's 3 in 1. The webinars are a good tool for us.

Thanks to webinars, Graniten gets in touch with customers they normally had no communication with. That is one of the biggest successes they were able to achieve with webinars. By hosting webinars, Graniten can showcase what they do and generate curiosity.

Webinars are used broadly. Sometimes they are used as a means of one-way communication, other times webinars are used for an interactive talk show.

Lots of interaction with polls and quizzes

We were curious whether webinars deployed as lead generators are used the same way as webinars for talent management. It became clear that the webinars for talent management are made a little more interactive, but in both cases, a lot of polls and quizzes are used to keep the webinars interactive. Sara: ''We use polls and quizzes in all of our webinars to make it interactive.'' 

Valuable statistics 

As you probably know, hosting webinars with WebinarGeek gets you a lot of statistics. Graniten is also a big fan of this! Their sales team always tracks viewers after the webinars. 

We always look at how viewers experienced the webinar and what they got out of it. That's very important to us.

Their favorite interaction is the poll and they use them a lot. The polls are also used to divide the webinar into chapters. Each new topic is introduced with a poll. 

In the future, Graniten wants to get more out of the webinar channel. Meanwhile, there are a lot of webinars that they can reuse as on-demand webinars; they want to build a knowledge library out of this. 

A good system

We asked Sara what her favorite feature is. Sara: ''We love how the whole system works! But if I have to choose, it's the interactions and how easy the follow-up is.'' They chose WebinarGeek because of it. A good system is worth its money. 

Through testing, you become familiar with how it works, with what you are going to present and the flow gets much better from that.

One tip Sara can give to someone starting out with webinars is to host a lot of test webinars and practice with them. This can also be done in the test environment.

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