Presentation layouts
Production31 October 2023 - 5 min

How to choose the right webinar layout

Choose from a variety of easy layouts for your webinar interface. Overlap your presentation slides with your webcam or switch between flexible layouts for co-presenting. Discover the options available at your fingertips!

Your phone a a webcam text with girl next to it
03 January 2023 - 5 min

How to use your phone as a webcam

Are you looking for a way to host professional-looking webinars without having to invest in an expensive webcam? This is how you can use your phone camera as a webcam.

Social Media channel overview
12 May 2022 - 14 min

Restream your webinars to LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and 30+ other platforms

Use WebinarGeek with Restream to realize massive audience growth on social media. Buckle up!

Man behind a laptop with sticky notes surrounding him
11 March 2022 - 3 min

A Whiteboard in your Webinar? This is how!

Whiteboards are ideal for writing down ideas and visualizing information. Learn how to create a whiteboard in WebinarGeek.

How to create a low-cost professional webinar studio - boy smiling
06 January 2022 - 3 min

How to create a low cost professional webinar studio

Learn how to get a really professional-looking webinar without spending thousands of euros.

Black friday girl holding microphone
25 November 2021 - 4 min

Upgrade your webinars with the best Black Friday Deals of 2021

November 26th is the day again! Promotions and discounts are around like leaves in autumn. The best time to upgrade your webinar setup.

Expert Advice Broadcast operator OG on backdrops
11 November 2021 - 4 min

Expert advice from our Broadcast Operator on backdrops

A webinar background can matter more than you initially realize. How often have you been distracted by a background during a webinar?

A man standing and woman sitting behind the desk in front of a camera
03 June 2021 - 4 min

5 Tips to create a professional webinar studio at home

This article shares some tips to create your own professional webinar studio at home.

Illustration circle with workflow
17 May 2021 - 4 min

Divide tasks with workflow software

Clarity about the same goal makes for a great joint product.