Security and availability

WebinarGeek takes the safety and availability of your data very seriously, it’s something that is taken into account in our daily work for all our decisions and developments. We designed multiple processes and took several measures to ensure your information is safe and always available.

On this page, we’d love to tell you more about this. We also want to refer you to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy for more information about our services and how we work. The data processing agreement is a part of our terms and conditions.

Our infrastructure

WebinarGeek uses the public web services of DigitalOcean, "DigitalOcean LLC" and Amazon, "Amazon Web Services (AWS)". The WebinarGeek servers are located in the DigitalOcean datacenters in Amsterdam and the Amazon datacenters in Frankfurt, Germany. For this, we use different availability zones to ensure we are always up and running.

The WebinarGeek service and applications are fully cloud-based, our servers are automatically scaled on the basis of visitor numbers and data traffic. This is how we ensure your popular webinars can be viewed by many without any server issues.

Periodically, back-ups are created to ensure the continuation of our services. These backups are used and stored confidentially in an enclosed environment.

Software updates

WebinarGeek releases a new software update for the web-application every two to four weeks. This usually happens during the evening and not during office hours, so we are ready whenever the new software is first used.

Small software patches and "hotfixes" are released continuously, usually outside of regular office hours and not during any live webinars.

Automated tests and code reviews ensure the odds of something going wrong during an update are minimal. These tests also include safety checks. Deviations cause updates to be delayed.

Service level

Our availability is measured every minute from different locations in the world. Over the last year, our uptime has been 100%. We aim for a minimal uptime of 99,95% annually.

When there are problems with our services, this is immediately communicated using notifications inside the WebinarGeek accounts or using email.

Personal data

All data and information about our users is safely stored on our DigitalOcean servers in Amsterdam.

These data packages aren’t stored independently on different physical locations. Other users or unauthorized persons cannot access the data. Strict measures are taken to prevent this from happening.

WebinarGeek employees don’t have access to more data than needed for their jobs, based on our authorization policy.

WebinarGeek is "GDPR-proof", read more about this here.

Monitoring and access

All user activity is logged and stored on a separate server, this data is saved for 72 hours.

We use external services to monitor our application and servers regarding availability and performance.

All access to systems is externally logged to be able to provide performance and safety monitoring.

Where needed, two-step authentication is used to log in, where a second device is required to access a particular system.

A Bastion host is used to log into our servers.

List of subprocessors

The processors that process data on our behalf are as follows:

  • AWS, Amazon Web Services (data in Frankfurt) - hosting, data storage en streaming

  • DigitalOcean (data in Amsterdam) - hosting and data storage

  • Sparkpost (data in Dublin) - sending emails