Webinars for SaaS companies

With webinars, you can build high-quality relationships that have the potential to succeed in the long term.

SaaS companies who are already working with us:

Product demos

Organize live product demos to help new customers on board and gain leads. Run pre-recorded, live or on-demand webinars, whatever suits your (sales) purposes.

Webinars as a lead generation

Capture registrations as new leads with very little resistance, even with cold traffic. That is, among other remarkable things, the power of webinars.

Build relationships

Build customer relationships with webinars by engaging in real-time and encountering people’s faces behind the organization. Get to know your target audience through all interactive and extensive analytics that WebinarGeek offers.

Create connections with webinars

Proactively engage with people in an interactive way to identify your audience even better and progressively improve your product.

Experience the power of our webinar software

No downloads needed

WebinarGeek functions 100% through the browser. This experience will increase the attendance rate tremendously compared to the standard market average.

On demand webinars

Keep on generating leads by delivering significant value to your visitors at all times. Reuse valuable content to undoubtedly get new prospects on board and maintain relationships with existing customers with the most minimal maintenance and highest revenue-generating channel.

Webinar channel

Offer all your on-demand webinars on your premium channel, a comprehensive list of your upcoming and on-demand webinars in just an overview. Every visitor must register to instantly get access to your amazing content and collect leads and valuable data.

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