Stronger customer relationships with webinars

For AFAS software, webinars are the ideal way to help customers maximize their success with the platform. Their product demonstration webinars inspire and educate users on all possibilities available.

AFAS Software develops custom software solutions for businesses. Their robust offering covers all business purposes, which makes it a challenge to ensure customers are gaining full benefit of the software. 

Webinars have proven to be the solution! These live broadcasts provide a focused demonstration of what the possibilities are and how customers can implement them. 

Webinars in the marketing mix

With such an extensive feature set, it's imperative to not only ensure customers are using the software correctly, but that they also understand what can be achieved and how. Senior AFAS marketing manager, Rik ten Wolde strives to continuously improve customer satisfaction. "With a webinar, you can give customers an hour of undivided attention," he says. "You can really guide them through a specific topic."

According to Rik, all their webinars have demonstrated proven value. They can easily adjust their approach according to the viewer’s experience level. Most importantly, their success rate is much higher than simply communicating via email or webpage announcements.

All webinars we've done so far have proven to be valuable.

AFAS Software has a dedicated section in their customer portal specifically to promote their webinars. View their collection here.  

With WebinarGeek you too can easily create a Webinar Channel of your own. Visitors can sign up for upcoming webinars, watch past webinars in an On Demand format, and even subscribe to notifications when new webinars are added. Use your Webinar Channel as a landing page or embed it on your own website! Create your Channel

Personal approach

Product manager, Gerard Nijboer emphasizes the importance of connecting with customers by sharing the reasoning behind the development of each feature and how to use them effectively. 

Gerard says: “Webinars work really well to get close to the customers. This is an ideal way to get personal contact with the viewer.” 

As a pro-tip for hosts and presenters, remember to look directly into the lens of your webcam as much as possible. This gives the perception of eye contact and really does engage the viewer. 

Webinars can be a very personal way to reach the customer.

The moderator dashboard is a favorite

Webinars hosted by AFAS software typically include two speakers. However, off camera there’s a team of moderators ready to operate the chat. They answer viewer questions and engage them in conversation. Not only does this retain the audience’s attention, but the viewers become invested in the broadcast as active attendees.

Discover the moderator's dashboard here!

The chat functionality including the moderator dashboard are our favorite features of WebinarGeek

Afas team looking at webinar on screen

Questions that repeat often are passed on to the speakers, so they can answer these during the broadcast.

Person viewing a webinar from ASAF no the laptop

More webinars in the future

Looking forward, the AFAS team plans to host more webinars to highlight new and trending topics and revisit previous content that has since evolved. 

“There are so many subjects left that we can talk about”, says Rik. This is no surprise considering the vast extent of capabilities AFAS software provides. 

While their webinars are currently primarily for existing customers, they intend to expand their target towards lead generation and conversion.

Shared vision and culture

The AFAS team greatly values being approachable and accessible to their customers. This shared mission of open communication was an important reason why the AFAS team selected WebinarGeek as their supplier of choice. 

WebinarGeek provides live support via chat to all customers across multiple time zones. Additionally, Enterprise customers benefit from a dedicated customer success manager, phone support, and 2 (1) hour training sessions with a webinar expert.

We chose WebinarGeek, because they are very approachable.

Webinars are an opportunity to engage

Rik's tip: “The most important tip for everyone who would like to start with a webinar: know your audience and what you would like to say.”

Understanding your target audience allows you to remain concise and value packed. This keeps viewers focused on your webinar rather than leaving the page due to information that wasn't relevant to them. Once you have that down the rest is easy!

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