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For AFAS webinars are the ideal tool to help existing customers to maximize the use of their software and become more satisfied. The software is demonstrated during the webinars to inspire the users of all the possibilities.

How AFAS Software helps their customers with webinars to get more out of their software

Learn how AFAS software improves customer relations by having more contact moments and help customers become more successful in using their products.

AFAS Software develops modern business software and helps companies to digitize. The software offers many possibilities for their customers. This makes it a challenge for AFAS Software to ensure their customers make the best use of it.

Organizing webinars has proven to be the solution for AFAS Software. This provides a focused way to show their customers what the possibilities are and they can apply this directly in their organization.

We had a peek behind the scenes at AFAS Software on the day of a live webinar. We have seen how the webinar was staged and how a team of moderators was ready during the broadcast to answer questions.

On that day we had a talk with Rik ten Wolde (senior marketing manager), Gerard Nijboer (product manager) and Dennis Middelkoop (multi media team).

Webinars as part of the marketing mix to explain to existing customers about their software and make them more happy.

With an extensive software package such as that from AFAS, it's really important to show customers the possibilities. Rik ten Wolde is a senior marketing manager at AFAS Software and aims to make customers more happy customers. "With a webinar you can give customers an hour of undivided attention," he says. "You can really guide them for an hour trough a specific topic."

A webinar is ideal to really focus on a subject for a specific target audience. That way you can adjust the content to the level of the participants.

Other ways to inform customers about the possibilities of the software or functionalities are to send emails, organise events or webpages in the help center. These are less powerful and it's proven that it is hard to get customers to events.

Until now all webinars we did have proven to be valuable.

Rik tells us that all webinars that they organized until that moment have proven to be valuable. Especially because they have different groups of customers and they can give specific information adjusted to the knowledge level of the group.

A separate section has been created for webinars on the AFAS Software customer portal. Here, webinars will be announced so customers can register. It is even possible to watch other webinars on demand. Take a look at the range of webinars of AFAS Software
Valuable content can be reused in a simple way and used as a reference.

“We are always searching for a certain degree of intimacy, in order to interact well with our customers.”

Gerard Nijboer is product manager at AFAS Software and his goal is to sell the product. He gives customers explanations why they made certain decisions and what the best way to work with it.

Webinars are a very personal and intimate way to reach the customer.

Gerard says: “Webinars work really well to get close to the customers. This is an ideal way to get personal contact with the viewer. If you take a look in the camera, really look at the viewers, you can really connect. And that's pretty cool”.

The chat functionality including the moderator dashboard are our favorite features of WebinarGeek.

The webinar of AFAS will be presented by two speakers. They often choose this approach.

Behind the scenes there sits a whole team of moderators, ready for action. They will answer viewer questions via chat.

Afas team looking at webinar on screen

Questions that repeat often will be given to the speakers, so they can answer these during the broadcast.

Afas team looking at webinar on screen

AFAS Software would like to give inbound sales and marketing webinars in the future.

There are two sides to these future plans. First of all, they want to organize more webinars. About new subjects, but repeat specific subjects as well.

“There are so many subjects left we can tell something about”, says Rik. Gerard adds that it should be more easy for other co-workers to organize a webinar.

AFAS uses webinars for existing customers mostly, in the future they would like to use them for potential new customers.

“We want to expand to inbound webinars. So marketing and sales focused webinars. Then we can show potential customers how our software functions and all you can do with it.”

Why AFAS Software chose for the webinar software of WebinarGeek

“We would like to be close to the customer and be very approachable.” When choosing a supplier for webinar software that was a huge factor.

We chose WebinarGeek, because they are very approachable.

After a first meeting it connected very well based on culture. The shared vision for customer contact was an important reason to choose WebinarGeek.

The most important tips from AFAS Software for everyone that would like to start with webinars

Rik's tip: “The most important tip for everyone who would like to start with a webinar: Make it clear for who you are presenting and what you would like to tell”.

With a webinar you can overshare very fast. The risk is that people quit on your webinar. Then you have missed your goal.

“My advice to everyone who would like to start with webinars is to understand that a webinar is like a 1 on 1 converstation. You can make real eye contact through the camera".

Eventually a webinar is a 1 on 1 conversation..

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